Symbiosis Institute of Business Management Hyderabad
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management Hyderabad
COURSE : MBA- Semester-III , SIP Project Titles
Sr.No PRN No Student Name Company Title
1. 14021141001 Aamani Divi Customer perception on Bharathi cement
2. 14021141002 Abhinita Ghosh A Study on the merger of Vedanta and Cairn India
3. 14021141003 Abhishek Kavitkar Redesigning the Tata Capital Property search portal, Home Loans & NDTV micro site project.
4. 14021141004 Abhishek Mazumdar Market Analysis and developing digital markting strategies for iEDGE learning
5. 14021141005 Aditya Kapil Udeshi Research and Analysis of High Network Individuals. SME's and Banking
6. 14021141006 Akshay Acharya Stryker Power Tools- Market Mapping and Consumer Behaviour
7. 14021141007 Aman Singla Procurement, work policy & award of Contract
8. 14021141008 Amartya Ghosh To study the Consumer Behavior of Shopping in Mall
9. 14021141009 Amoolya Nekkanti Pay Equity
10. 14021141010 Aniket Choudhary Analyzing the Supply Chain of Big Bazaar and finding out its flaws.
11. 14021141012 Arzoo Buddhima Dhanda Digital Marketing Strategy for for a client in Healthcare Industry
12. 14021141013 Danda Yoga Krishna Analyzing/Measuring Market Potential of Nexeiz Lite
13. 14021141014 Harsh Sarda Revenue and Profitability Analysis of Hospitality Industries
14. 14021141015 Jagadeesh V N Airport Collaborative Decision Making
15. 14021141016 Jain Rushika Pramod Hospitality Industry Analysis
16. 14021141017 Jatin Anand Study on Framework for Revitalising Distressed Asset in the Economy
17. 14021141018 K Arkraj Singh Consumer Behaviour at
18 . 14021141019 Kalamraju Sai Priyanka Market Research to find Consumer Insights, Brand Communication and Microsite Design
19. 14021141020 Kavuri Kavya Airport Collaborative Decision Making
20. 14021141021 Lavanya Tadepalli Analyzing and forecasting the working capital requirement of Essar Steel
21. 14021141022 Neha Kundalia Project Evaluation: Factoring Risk - A study of Infrastructure Projects
22. 14021141023 Nikhileshwar Singh To Study and to understand the preparation of profit and loss account of Tata Teleservices Limited.
23 14021141024 Nishant Sainani Cole- Parmer to enter into the Business to Customer (B2C) market through online selling portals
24 14021141025 Nitika Mathur Transformation of an IC to PPL and Multiskilling
25 14021141026 P.Chankya Launching Nano as taxi in Hyderabad market
26 14021141027 Pratapa Sai Siva Subramanyam Studying credit appreciation process and industry analysis on pharmacy, chemical (caustic acid) and steel industry
27 14021141028 Rahul Pant Supply Chain Improvement
28 14021141029 Rakshit Guglani Analysing the Brand image & Consumer perception for Karbonn Mobiles.
29 14021141030 Rohit Uday Kulkarni Awareness and buying experience of Skybags resulting through digital marketing strategy
30 14021141031 Rohit Suhas Kulkarni Project on Analysis and Business Development of Audit Markets
31 14021141032 Sabarana Bandopadhyay Effective Appraisal System
32 14021141033 Saloni Mehta Re- Hiring Ex-Empolyees and Career Management
33 14021141034 Saurabh Doshi Movie Marketing for HUL Brands
34 14021141035 Shahid Hassan Mohammed A Study on Financial Performance of Taxifor Sure
35 14021141036 Shivendra Pratap Singh Implementation of online customer experience and conversion strategy
36 14021141037 Shreya Banerjee Projection of Cash flow in Infrastructure Projects: Applicaion of Monte Cario Simulation and Other techniques
37 14021141038 Shreya Roy Revenue Build-Up with Key Accounts
38 14021141039 Somnath Samar Benarjee Launching Nano as taxi in Hyderabad market
39 14021141040 Sri Harsha Kumba IT Driven Project Management
40 14021141041 Sri Ramdas Lohit Analyzing the Supply Chain of Big Bazaar and finding out its flaws.
41 14021141042 Swagat Panda Tata Ficosa X 104 - ORVM (Outside Rear View Mirror) Mould Development
42 14021141043 Vineet Tomar Study of Personal Financial Planning in India
43 14021141044 Vishal Kapoor Determination of WACC in Infra Projects adjusting risk designing Optimum investment policy