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Warm greetings from Symbiosis Institute Of Business Management Hyderabad

Celebration is incomplete without friends, and our maiden management fest- Firande, literally means celebration in Swedish, so needless to say we would love your presence.

We invite you for some mind-boggling competition and mouth-watering rewards, but as our teachers would say “figure out the core strategy!!!” and believe us when we say this, celebration is our core strategy.

We call upon all you brilliant minds to showcase your talent and compete with the best of the best rooting for victory, glory and fame.

Socrates said- “the secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” So let’s build our friendship on the foundation of competition, challenges, excellence and of course, Firande.

See you there.


Firande has started with a vision to provide a platform for post graduate college students all across the country to come together and vie against each other. Being in its pioneer year, Firande seeks to reach out to the mainstream colleges across the length and breadth of the nation.


The aim of the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad management fest, Firande, is to build a bond with students of different colleges and to test their skills and abilities in different fields.

Event Details for FIRANDE 2017: SIBM Hyderabad
Club Name Event Name Brief Descripton Registration Link
Academic Club Events
Samarthya Aagamya The event will consist of 3 rounds (1 online and 2 on-campus). The online round will consist of quiz related to the “BIG DATA”. On-Campus round will consist of situation based interview session and treasure hunt carried out in two rounds over two days. Screening will be done in all rounds and 6-8 teams will make to the final round.
Mint Club (Finance Club) Shell Out Finance involves jumbling the tumble, valuing the invaluable, crediting losses, debiting profits (*pun intended) and manager’s demand of improving the bottom line. Why not have a first-hand experience with challenging panellists who will munch every number that you crunch?
Op$-Era (Operations Club) Operazione "In the end, all business operations can be reduced to three words: People, Product & Profits"
An event which intends to give the participants a chance to test their bookish knowledge in the domain of core operations. Trust us, it’s more than problem solving and it’s going to be fun. If you think you are the best, we recommend you to test the waters again.
Humanalaya (HR Club) Chakravyuha And Abhimanyu said “I will break the chakravyuha”. We say “Break the barriers and conquer it”. The three rounds event to let you experience the journey to world of HR in the most surprising, exciting, splendid, creative, strategic, funny and….. serious way to test your mettle.
MarketIn (Marketing Club) Big Spin Big spin involves a total of 3 rounds:
  1. The first round would consist of an online quiz which will be a relegation round. Teams short listed in this round will be going into the next set of rounds.
  2. The second and the 3rd round will be held in the campus and the details of these rounds will be communicated to the teams short listed.
Inquisitive (Literature Club) Wordworth, Mock Press Wordsworth:
We'll display one big word on the screen at a time, Participants have 60 seconds to write as many small words from the one big word as possible in those 60 seconds. Repeat for at least 3 rounds. The one with highest word count of legitimate words (with letters only from the one big word) wins! Mock Press:
The participants will put themselves in the shoes of the prescribed personality & feel the heat and stress of the situation in the shower of questions asked by a team of reporters. This will check the stress handling, presence of mind & knowledge about the personalities given to the participants. 
  1. Wordsworth :
  2. Mock Press :
Corporate Events
Corporate Interaction Cell Samvaad The 1st round is an online elimination round comprising of a real time business scenario on contemporary topics. The 2nd and 3rd rounds are on campus round which consists of business quiz and treasure hunt.
Symbiosis Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Entreprendre The event kicks off with an online round which requires all the teams to send a start-up idea. The teams will be sort listed based on originality and innovativeness. The rest of the 2 rounds are campus rounds where the 2nd tests your innovativeness and the 3rd and final round is linked to your start-up idea. There will be no eliminations in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Huge grabs for the winners.
Antardhwani (Cultural Committee) Reverb, Aaghaaz, Nazakhat,Vibes Reverb:
If you have a knack for tuning in your melodious notes and have never been able to do so on a public platform or if you are a professional singer, Reverb brings to you a platform to bring out the singer in you and showcase your talents.
Enactors of tales and portrayers of emotions are invited. Get your team together and come along. This is going to be your act to fame!
Display your talent and show us what you got! A fashion show in which we give you an opportunity to walk it and own it.
Looking forward to crown our winners and runner's up!
Rock the stage with interesting and energetic performances with any dance style and grab the chance to win exciting prizes.
Registration for the event will open soon
Messcom (Mess Committee) Gourmet Battle There are 2 rounds. Round 1 would be an elimination round. In round 1 participants are required to taste the dish and have to tell its ingredients. In round 2 (winners of round 1) would be asked to make a dish of their choice from the available ingredients. Both the rounds will be time bound. There will be experts to decide the winner. Click here for registration
Graffiti Hand Art Art Wall:
A fun event organised for the participants as a stress buster, where anyone who would like to participate is welcome to take part and showcase their creativity. They are required to create art using their fingers alone and no other stationery on the white clothed wall within a specified
On Spot Registrations
Sahaayata (ISR) Let’s Connect ROUND 1 : VODCAST
The participants are required to form a team of maximum 2 members each to record a video addressing any social issue of their choice.
Winners of this round will proceed to
Round – II. The winners will be decided based on the originality of idea and relevance of video submitted. ROUND 2 : DAMU-ENGI
The shortlisted teams have to select a message randomly of their choice and enact accordingly without any sort of verbal means of communication.
Pratibimb  (Photography Club) Click-O-Ment The event focuses on how a photographer can be more creative and have a good eye for a photograph along with their skills of photography. You should be able to focus on getting a good picture with all the hustle and bustle around you.
Hashtag (PR Team) Twist it your way, Game of Tweets Twist it your way:
How good a Twitterati are you? Share your experience and moments of joy spent during the mega Management and Cultural fest (Firande) of SIBM-Hyderabad. The event is an on-campus solo participation event. The participants have to tweet about their experiences of the various events in the fest which may be both in the form of pictures and written tweets.
Game of Tweets:
The participants will be required to promote the given list of sponsor’s brand through pictures, doodles and texts on Twitter using hashtag “#Sibmhyd” and “#Firande” in all the posts. The twitteratis with maximum number of tweets and the authenticity of the tweets will be chosen as the winner for each event.
  1. Twist it your way :
  2. Game of Tweets
    Registration for the event will open soon.
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