Symbiosis Institute of Business Management Hyderabad
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management Hyderabad
SIBM-H Participates in PERIODOS
8th-10th January 2016

Students from SIBM Hyderabad attended the Sport fest “PERIODOS” held by IMT – Hyderabad from 8th to 10th January 2016. The sports in which SIBM – H participated were Cricket,Volleyball,Table Tennis, Throw ball and a virtual game called “Counter Strike”.


8th January 2016

The students reached the IMT campus at 7 pm and were welcomed with a grand opening ceremony held by the students of IMT. After the ceremony, the students went to the hostel. Accommodation and food was taken care of by the hosts. The students had a gala time and socialized with other students from different colleges like IMT, IBS, Guru Nanak College Of Management, IFMR etc.

Photo 1
Boys Volleyball Team


9th January 2016

The day started with the cricket match between IMT and SIBM Hyderabad. The game went down to the wire. Even though SIBM lost the match, both the teams enjoyed the gameplay. Based on the net run-rate and other matches, SIBM Hyderabad qualified for the semi-finals.

In volleyball, SIBM reached the semi-finals which were played the next day. However, in Table Tennis and throw-ball, SIBM-H cracked through to the finals.

Counter-strike was played late in the evening and SIBM team won 2 out of 4 rounds in that.

Photo 1
Girls Throwball team after qualifying for the final round


10th January 2016

Day 3 began with full zeal and zest as the first cricket match of the day was played by SIBM Hyderabad against IMT. Though SIBM gave a tough competition to IMT, they could not make it to the finals. Even though the day did not begin on a good note, success came our way as the day proceeded. The girls throw ball team was declared as Runner up and one of our students brought home the runner’s up trophy in Table Tennis.

There was an impressive closing ceremony put up by IMT Hyderabad which included of cultural events.

Photo 1
Girls Throwball team receiving Runner’s up trophy
Photo 1
Director of IMT Hydfelicitating the Table-Tennis runner-ups
Photo 1
Bringing home the Trophies
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