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Visit to Buddha Temple

Visit to Buddha Temple

Venue:- Mahaboodhi Buddha Vihara, Secunderabad

Time:- 10-00 AM to 06-00 PM

An outbound educational trip for the HR Batch of 2017-19 was organised for the subject Indian Ethos and Values in Management.

A session with the senior monk was arranged. Interaction and learning took place with a lot of insight on topics such as meaning of Vihara, Meditation, Art of Balancing, Management, Buddha’s teachings, Mind management, Parts of brain and their faculties such as left, right, fore and hind with their respective functions. Purity is strength and a pure mind is a strong mind.

Awareness, Perception, feelings and decisions are various phases of reaction of mind towards something. Even the body listens to the mind and influences diseases etc. Analytical and Emotional mind when work hand in hand yield success. The mind and body should concentrate on the same thing at the same place. Objectivity and subjectivity concepts were also discussed.

4 main Emotions such as Meta, Karuna, Mudita and Upeksha were also discussed. Law of Karma, Ethics and lawful ways of doing business was discussed with respect to Buddha’s teachings. To bring in change, one must change individually first. Similarly, for world peace, start with individual peace. It will spread eventually.

There were many books displayed by the temple management for students to buy based on history, teachings and life of Buddha. Around 4 books relevant to Management were purchased for the college library. Overall, it was a memorable, learning and fun-filled experience for all students.

Group photo with HR students and Faculty

Group photo with HR students and Faculty in temple

Group photo with HR students and Faculty in temple

Group photo with HR students and Faculty out door visiting at Buddha Temple

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