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A Guest Lecture by Prof. B S Sarma & Giridhar Mamidhi, CA - SIBM Hyderabad
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GUEST LECTURE By-Prof. B S Sarma & Giridhar Mamidhi, CA

The guest lecturers shed some light on the various aspects of our ancient rich achievements and innovations as Indians. Many things such as the basics of Zero to Mathematics were Indian inventions. The following consist of the learnings from the lecture:

  • Various management concepts of Education, knowledge, Planning and Success, Time Management, Effective Communication, Relationships Management, Governance etc. which are all essential from a managers point of view to be able to handle any situation in their organisations in future.
  • Pearls of wisdom from Kautilya’s Arthashastra helped students understand and apply in life which were Artha (Wealth), Kama (Pleasure) and Dharmic (Virtuous). Chanakya’s school of thought that Finance is above administration and sensual pleasures was unique.
  • The session also taught us to deal with different types of people such as- unwelcome guests at home, Qualities of a good employee, eternal cry-babies, grades of anger in people, partners in deeds etc. Appearances could be deceptive and blindly following could be dangerous. Characteristics of attention seekers and fools along with Pearls of wisdom from Bhagwad Gita were discussed.
  • Different and new aspects of Indian Ethos were learnt from the Guest lecture conducted by B S Sarma and CA Giridhar Mamidhi. The guest lecture turned out to be a fruitful one and a great learning experience for all the students.
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