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12th January 2016

Humanalaya- the HR Club proudly conducted Case-Mania (Case Analysis Competition) on 12th January 2016 under the guidance of Dr. Balaji D & Prof. Ridhi Rani. The competition was held where students from the academic batch of MBA 2014-2016, 2015-2017 turned up and showed their analytical skills. A Harvard case study conducted regarding Google was handed over to the student managers. The case study focused on the different segments and strategies of Google.

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The Case Analysis Competition consisted of three rounds which covered Introduction to the case, Problem identification & providing solutions and conclusion respectively. The students from both the batches who participated portrayed their management skills and analysed the case with full efficiency. The ideas and strategies that were brought out by the students were really different, new, fresh and innovative. The part of problem identification and chalking out a solution for the given problem was received at by a lot of discussions and many solutions came into limelight.

On the basis of the performances of each and every team, the final result was declared. The prizes and certificates were to be distributed to the respective winners on 26th January 2016, coinciding the republic day of our nation. The event was a masterstroke. The HR Club was successful in providing a platform to the students of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad to portray their analytical and thinking abilities and also encourage them to think out-of-box possibilities.

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Dr. Balaji D, In-charge: Students Affairs, with HR Prof. Mrs Ridhi Rani
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Thorough Discussion
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Student Interaction
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Vote of Thanks by Ms.Sabarna, Head – HR Club
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