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ISTD Conference

27th January 2016

A combined team of Corporate Interaction Cell and HR students totalling 8 people attended the Conference on ‘IMPACT OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE ON LEARNING’ at AMD R & D Center India. The presentation was given by Dr. KiranmaiPendyala, Corporate Vice-President,EMEA HR, AMD.

Dr. Kiranmai laid emphasis on emotional quotient and how it can impact the performance of employees at workplace. She talked about the importance of EQ as well as IQ to achieve optimum output from the employees. Dr.Kiranmai conveyed her points in a humorous yet effective manner. The presentation was followed by an open question and answer session.

The audience comprised a mixture of trainers and HRs from corporate and students as well. The humour of the presenter was met equally with witty yet relevant observations from the audience. After the event, the students from the college socialized with the guests over refreshments.

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SIBM-H Students from HR specialization and CIC along with the dignitaries at ISTD Conference
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