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The first Saraswati Puja of Symbiosis Hyderabad - SIBM Hyderabad
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The first Saraswati puja of Symbiosis Hyderabad

The first Saraswati puja of Symbiosis Hyderabad

In the beginning of ‘Navratri’ the Symbiosis Hyderabad Campus celebrated SARASWATI PUJA on 13-10-2015, at 11.00 AM in the Learning and Resource Centre, SIBM. Goddess Saraswati signifies knowledge, learning, arts and culture which are the core values followed rigorously by the Symbiosis International University. She is the goddess of all the creative arts and in particular of poetry, music, learning and science. Keeping in mind the Vedic Culture followed by the Symbiosis International University, the PARTHENON’s (Library Committee) decided to organize the first Saraswati Puja in the Library.

The faculties and students of SIBM and SLS and the staff of Symbiosis Society were present for the ceremony. The Puja Ceremony was performed by Dr. Ravi Kumar Jain, Director SIBM-H followed by the songs and hymns of praise sung by the students of SIBM. With the blessing of Mata Saraswati and in acknowledgement of the same all were blessed by the Pundit. Which was followed by the ‘Prasad Distribution’ which overwhelmed everyone with the joy and happiness for being a part of such an auspicious event.

The fragrance of the flowers and incense sticks added to the sanctity of the ‘Puja’. The Puja was successfully completed with everyone’s faces being delighted due to the aura created by the hymns and devotional songs. This would not had been possible without the students of SIBM and SLS who devoted their energy and time just because they all believed in the simple yet very motivating thought of “service to divine”.