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Induction Programme - SIBM-Hyderabad
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Induction Programme at SIBM-Hyderabad

Induction Programme at SIBM-Hyderabad

The induction program at SIBM-Hyderabad was spread over five days from 15 th June 2016 till 19 th June and concluded with an outbound activity. The programme was inaugurated by a renowned entrepreneur Mr. Devendra Surana, Director of Surana Group of companies and was also graced with the presence of professionals from top organizations such as HSBC, Cognizant, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd, SLK Spinners Ltd.

The guests held interactive sessions with the students of SIBM- Hyderabad. The talks focused on their corporate journeys and they enlightened the students with the industry expectations. They discussed about how the students should mould themselves to fit into the business culture of the corporate industry. 

The interactive session left an ineffable mark on the minds of the student managers, entrepreneurs and leaders. The students put across a wide spectrum of questions to the seasoned professionals ranging from their personal experience to the intricate functioning of the industry.

The inaugural session on the first day started with the welcome address delivered by Dr. Ravi Kumar Jain- Director, SIBM-Hyderabad followed by an eclectic line-up of speakers from both industry and academia. Dr.Raman, Dean Faculty of Management, SIU & Director SIBM Pune was the guest of honour for the occasion. He gave some insight as to what their goals and objectives should be which will lead to the path of excellence. The chief guest Mr.Devendra Surana shared some pages of his own life & experience which gave immense importance to creativity and decision making. The inaugural session was concluded by a vote of thanks by Dr.K.P. Venugopal Rao. 

In Picture from Left to Right, Dr.Raman, Dean Faculty of Management, SIU & Director SIBM Pune, Dr. Ravi Kumar Jain, Director SIBM Hyderabad, The chief guest Mr.Devendra Surana.

The inaugural function was followed by a session delivered by Mr. Pramod Chandrasekhar, VP – Capability Building, Global Transformation Centre, HSBC, Hyderabad He highlighted on success stories of world renowned CEO’s. The day concluded with an Ice- breaking session where the new batch had the opportunity to get to know each other and learn the essential skills required by a manager to be competent in the corporate world. 

In Picture: Mr. Pramod Chandrasekhar, VP – Capability Building, Global Transformation Centre, HSBC, Hyderabad 

The key learning of the day was to evaluate one’s coordinates on Focus v/s Energy levels and to try and improve on achieving a higher level of productivity. It was on the similar lines of a BCG matrix that is used to evaluate the coordinates of a business entity. The students also got tips about how to manage fear and doubts and bring about optimism that would yield better results.

The second day saw the briefings from the in-house faculty and staff members ranging from academics to amenities provided by the college. The session began with an introductory speech delivered by Dr. K.P Venugopala Rao, Deputy Director, SIBM-Hyderabad. The speakers who followed stressed on KASH – Knowledge, Attitude, Skill and Habits as the key factors for success. 

In Picture: Dr. K.P Venugopala Rao, Deputy Director, SIBM-Hyderabad introducing Staff members

The third day began with an insightful speech by Mr. Abhirama Krishna, Director,South State Business School who stressed upon ethics and laid thrust upon loyalty to job and cited suitable examples.

In Picture: Mr. Abhirama Krishna, Director, South State Business School

The session was followed by some exhilarating speeches delivered by Industry stalwarts like Mr. Koshy Verghese, Senior Advisor of SLK Spinners Ltd and Former Group President of Nagarjuna Group of Industries who focused on ethics at work and put forth golden rules in management that would help an individual to be successful. Dr. Ravi Prakash Mathur, Senior Director SCM – Head of Logistics and Central Planning of Dr. Reddy’s Labs Ltd. spoke about the deliverables of a manager and a leader and highlighted the importance of being updated with the market trends and cited real-life examples when leaders failed to adapt to market-shifts. The last session saw Mr. Sachin Chaudhari, Associate Director – Learning & Development, Cognizant speak about operations in an IT organization dealing with multiple clients especially the banking sector.


In Picture: Mr. Koshy Verghese, Senior Advisor of SLK Spinners Ltd and Former Group President of Nagarjuna Group of Industries.

In Picture: Dr. Ravi Prakash Mathur, Senior Director SCM – Head of Logistics and Central Planning of Dr. Reddy’s Labs Ltd

In Picture: Mr. Sachin Chaudhari, Associate Director – Learning & Development, Cognizant

The fourth and final day was an outbound activity to Deccan Trails that was hosted by professional corporate trainers which included management activities and a trek which helped the students bond with each other. The management activities included tasks that taught the students about management skills and team work.

Outbound activity at Deccan Trails hosted by professional corporate trainers.

Outbound activity at Deccan Trails hosted by professional corporate trainers

Yoga session’s facilitated by Mr. Ashok Vankineni & Team

The Induction Program also had a 90-minute Yoga session on each of the days which was facilitated by Ashok Vankineni & Team who suggested on practising it as a life-long activity and also highlighted it as a potential stress-buster and the associated health benefits over a period of time.