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Gender Sensitization

Ms. Swetha Luthra

Date : Aug 07 , 2019

Guest Lecture on “Gender Sensitization”

Symbiosis University strongly endorses gender parity and in pursuance of the same and to encourage gender equality a Gender Sensitization workshop for MBA students of SIBM Hyderabad was conducted by Ms. Swetha Luthra on August 7th, 2019 in the Lecture Theatre at SIBM Hyderabad. The purpose of this lecture was to create awareness and sensitize participants about gender issues.

Ms. Shwetha Luthra, a legal consultant in who in affiliation with SASHA has worked with organizations pan India, to discuss the following:

Conscious and unconscious Gender Bias


Sexual Harassment

The Sexual Harassment of Women in Workplace Act, 2013

Steps taken by the university to provide a safe environment.

The session began with Ms. Luthra making the participants realize the importance of identifying their unconscious bias and how that could affect individuals. Participants were made aware of how unconsciously they are little biased and how important it is to recognize those biases and change in order to create a safe environment for everyone and not just one particular gender.

She then discussed about various types of Harassments and what constitutes as harassment and what doesn’t. The participants were actively involved throughout the lecture and she demonstrated how we can unconsciously create an environment that is not conducive to others. With the help of some activities she demonstrated how certain people find some things uncomfortable and through this she aimed to make the participants realise how careful and thoughtful one has to be with others.

Activity with Batch 2019-21 MBA, SIBM Hyderabad

Activity with MBA batch 2018-20, SIBM Hyderabad

The next segment included a discussion on Sexual Harassment, mainly what constitutes as Sexual Harassment and what does not. She also discussed the processes and procedures involved when registering a complaint of sexual harassment and what happens after the complaint is registered. Lastly, she spoke about the actions various organizations and institutions take against an offender.

Finally, in the last segment of the guest lecture, she discussed the remedies and provisions the university has in place to promote a conducive environment, that is free of any gender bias and any kind of harassment.

In this last segment she also interacted with other participants and resolved any queries that they had.

Ms Shweta Luthra along with Dr. Ridhi Rani and Team Shakti the Women’s Development Cell at SIBM Hyderabad.


Although Gender Sensitivity is something that has been seen and felt for a long time now, the recent times has seen an increasing urgency and a stronger need to talk and discuss about gender parity and how it affects organizations and institutions as a whole. Thus, to have a session such as this is a requisite for future leaders and managers. This session has opened up eyes of all present in more ways than one. The following are a few of the major learnings:

There are certain unconscious biases that every individual has and it is important to realise and make a conscious effort in being unbiased based on gender.

The session also helped to understand that people have different comfort levels and we must respect that.

Sometimes unconsciously we may say or do things that might make others feel uncomfortable and that is why we have to be careful and conscious of the things we do and say.

Sometimes peer pressure forces us to do things we are uncomfortable doing which further causes a lot of disturbance.

It is okay to mention when something makes you feel uncomfortable.

The session was also helpful in understanding the various remedies we can take in case of any such harassment and what we as individuals can do to help others.

We live in a time where strict actions are being taken against anyone who does anything wrong or anything that causes harm to others. And, thus we have nothing to fear or feel embarrassed or ashamed of. This is one of the biggest learnings that we got out of this session.

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