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HR Analytics for HR Professionals

Mr. Shuvam Das

Date : Oct 11 And 12 , 2019

On October 11 & 12, 2019, a two-day workshop on “HR Analytics and Metrics” was conducted byMr. Shuvam Das, Certified HR Analytics & Metrics Professional, Middle Earth HR Consultants to HR specialization students of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad. HR analytics which is also known as the talent analytics, refers to applying analytics processes to the HR related issues in an organization for getting much needed insights employee’s behaviours for taking required action.

The session began with defining and differentiating data, matrix and analytics. A thorough understanding of HR analytics, concept and its function was provided by Mr. Shuvam Das. Further he also explained that the crux of analytics lies in “asking the right questions”.

Mr. Das provided practical exposure to the students by citing examples of companies which use analytics as a tool and briefed about how it has impacted the companies in their business operations.

It was explained to the students that there are three types of business drivers:-

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Product Innovation
  • Customer Innovation

The students were divided into two groups as ‘Alpha’ and ‘Delta’ and were each given an exercise of starting a new business with 20 lakhs of rupees and devising a perfect strategy which would ensure the business to make profits. It was not only a thought-provoking activity, but also one that helped the students in understanding the concept of strategy, which is of utmost importance in the business world. The students came up with two interesting companies called as ‘Mango Village’ and ‘Stringinc’. The former deals with a café which caters to all the segments of the society, while the latter is a software which is concerned with placements of MBA students in a particular geographical area. Mr. Das assisted, both the groups in making the right strategy for their respective companies.

The session further demonstrated the importance of quantifying every strategy using the parameters of:-

  • Time
  • Finance
  • Environment
  • Market.

He also emphasised the importance of the Balanced Score Card and explained how to use it in the organizational context. And then he explained Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS) and students could understand how to identify and measure behavioural competencies that are demonstrated by the employees in an organization and to correlate team performance and team dynamics to enhance the employees and the organization. The session was lively and created a great learning experience for all the students.

On October 12, 2019, the second day, he provided data sets to the students and made them to work on the data sets for better understanding of HR Analytics and Metrics

At the end of the session, a quiz was conducted to test the knowledge of the students from the experience gain during the two days, through the hands on work. Over all the workshop was an enriching one and all the students got immensely benefited.

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