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Symbinar - Mr. Sekar Jeganathan

Date : 16th May, 2020, 5PM To 6PM

As part of the live webinar series- Symbinar, we hosted Mr. Sekar Jeganathan, Sr. General Manager- Organisation Development, Amara Raja Group, who spoke on ‘How COVID-19 can change the way we work in the future?’.

Mr. Jeganathan began by talking about how in history the world has faced pandemics and that past has always found a cure to the situation. Our guest-focused on the economic changes the world is currently facing in terms of booming sectors of e-commerce, e-learning, and conducting important online events and conferences. He gave instances about the e-sports and virtual concerts taking place which is a big change in trends. Sir also highlighted the current focus on going local in order to save the economy from further deterioration.

On the human resource front, sir elaborately spoke about the three types of workforces likely to become mainstream post the pandemic situation, them being; physical workforce, remote workforce, and the gig workforce. All these changes, he said, would also mean a change in the system and the managers’ way of thinking while in a company. ‘Change management’ needs to be understood to be able to deal with the scenario, said Mr. Jeganathan. Counselling, design thinking, and being tech-savvy is another aspect that will become crucial, and also mentioned that communication has become a critical point in this situation.

More importantly, he mentioned ‘Empathy’ as the core value to be imbibed, in order to be able to deal with the employees and develop systems accordingly to attain employee satisfaction. Lastly, sir talked about how Amara Raja Group has taken the initiative and built upon remote working guidelines for its employees, its mode of attendance taking, vendor connects, and essential supplies to migrant labours, like resolutions to the current circumstances.

The session was followed by a Q&A Session where students came up with their queries and displayed their keen interest in the topic.

We look forward to hosting more such informative webinars with our respected guests. 

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Symbiosis International [Deemed University], living up to its motto of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" is alive to the needs and interests of the students and in light of the global Covid19 crisis, as a special measure has aligned its Academic Calendar and Refund Rules for this year, with the advisory issued by AICTE / UGC.