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Symbinar - Mr. Amit Sharma

Symbinar - Mr. Amit Sharma

Date : 17th May, 11 AM to 12 PM

As part of the live webinar series- Symbinar, we hosted Mr. Amit Sharma, Vice President-HR, Volvo Group India Pvt. Ltd. who spoke on the matter ‘Will remote working become the new normal post-pandemic?’.

Our guest put forth his viewpoints in the session and introduced us to new perspectives towards the current happenings. He talked about the current scenario of work from home and told us that the new way of working has led to increased productivity of people. He also pointed out that people in organizations now need to look into different ways to carry out employee engagement activities, recruiting, compensation plans, and suggested reimbursement to use broadbands at offices. Sir also dealt with an important question as to how to implement employee relations in situations of remote working. He also made the students see work from home, from the perspective of the size of the organisation.

He also spoke that the retail industry has now welcomed the ‘work from home’ concept with open arms, to which it was earlier reluctant because of it being a high-touch industry and need of direct interaction with its customers. Productivity, efficiency, and well being of the employees have increased with the new way of working. Sir also informed us about few key challenges that we would face with the change, such as clarity of goals and leadership, infrastructural challenge, collaborations, a balance between work and private life and also taking care of oneself both physically and mentally.

The session was followed by a Q&A Session where students came up with their queries and displayed their keen interest in the topic.

We look forward to hosting more such informative webinars with our respected guests.