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Symbinar - Ms. Kiran Aidhi

Symbinar - Ms. Kiran Aidhi

Topic: "How to be successful leaders in times of changes and crisis?"

Date: 7th June 2020, Sunday

Time: 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM

As a part of the live webinar series ‘Symbinar’, SIBMH hosted Ms. Kiran Aidhi, VP and Global Head- HR Operations, Virtusa Corporation India, who spoke on the topic “How to be successful leaders in times of changes and crisis.” 

Ms. Aidhi began by saying that the ability to create time for oneself is one of the traits of a leader. It’s important for one to learn to face fears to deal with reality and keep options open for ourselves, and prevent pushing ourselves into victim mode. Our guest also threw light on having a social support system as it is extremely necessary, to be able to survive in any sort of crisis. 

She also pointed out that when a crisis occurs, the human mind shuts and starts worrying about the future. The only thing he can think of is to be able to survive in the crisis and come out of it. But, as Ms. Aidhi said, a leader will try to go with the flow and sooner or later will find a solution to spend time effectively and not be anxious of the future, which is not in our hands. 

She also spoke about how spirituality and mindfulness can be practiced to keep oneself calm and useful in the times of crisis, and emerge as a leader at the end of the day. Apart from indulging into physical fitness activities, she spoke about neuroplasticity as part of brain fitness activity, which helps in making the brain channelize its energy at constructive thinking and help us take control of any negative thoughts entering our minds. The session was highly enlightening and motivating for the students, and made them understand the role of a leader in any crisis. 

The session was followed by Q&A where students came up with their queries and displayed their keen interest in the topic. We look forward to hosting more such informative webinars with our respected guest.