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Symbinar - Mr. Amit Pandey

Symbinar - Mr. Amit Pandey

Topic: "Learning from Bollywood Movies"

Date: 7th June 2020, Sunday

Time: 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

As a part of the live webinar series ‘Symbinar’, SIBMH hosted Mr. Amit Pandey, Chief Operating Officer, Exicom Tele-Systems Ltd., who spoke on the topic “Learning from Bollywood Movies.”

Mr. Pandey conducted an enjoyable yet highly informative and insightful session with the students of SIBM Hyderabad, wherein he gave useful life and leadership lessons from famous Bollywood movies such as Taare Zameen Par, Lagaan, Anand, Chak de India and Dangal to name a few. During the session, he showed movie clips from these movies, followed by explanation of important lessons for take away. From the movie Taare Zameen Par, he taught us people management skill, stating that people we meet in life are not difficult, but are only different from one another. 

The guest also spoke about how he understands life through observation and based on them has built his own theories which he talked about in the session. One such theory was the ‘Business Card Theory’ which says that as one grows in position in their organisation, their designation gets bigger which reflects in their business cards, but one thing that always remains constant in the card is the person’s name, which is always present at the top, followed by his designation. Key learning from this theory is that a person can never be defined by his designation, which is only a part of him. A person is known and defined by his strong character and self-built brand. Another theory put forth by him was called the ‘Paper Stone Scissor Theory’ which says that paper and stone represent personalities of humans; mentally weak people are papers while mentally strong people are stones, and scissor represents the surroundings. Paper personality will always get cut by the scissor (get affected by their surroundings) while stone personalities will stand strong and can even break the scissor. He gave a lesson that people should become a stone personality and be able to fight their environment. 

Mr. Pandey also motivated students to dream big, start small, get right direction and move swiftly towards it. He explained this by another theory called the ‘U-turn Theory’ which said that when one feels he’s not going in the right direction, he should without any thought take a U-turn and get back on the right track, to be able to reach their desired goals. 

Mr. Pandey also said that people shouldn’t confuse growth with success. Rather, success is a combination of happiness, growth, integrity, ethics and peace. Through ‘Biscuit Theory’ he taught that one shouldn’t get bothered by demotivating and negative people, who try to pull us down; rather we should walk straight and not stop to look at them. Through a small clipping from the movie Chak De India, he gave insight on the characteristics of a leader, that a leader thinks beyond his personal ego and thinks for his entire team or troop. 

All the valuable insights given by him were drawn from influential movies and theories created by himself. He cited many such incredible thoughts with the students, and left them charged with positivity and high motivation. 

The session was followed by Q&A where students came up with their queries and displayed their strong interest in the topic. We look forward to hosting more such pleasing and informative webinars with our respected guest.