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Symbinar - Mr. Ashish Bhalla

Symbinar - Mr. Ashish Bhalla

Topic: "Preparing Budding Managers for post COVID-19 challenges"

Date: 16th June 2020, Tuesday

Time: 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM

As a part of the live webinar series ‘Symbinar’, SIBMH hosted Mr. Ashish Bhalla, Head-Corporate Recruitment & Campus Relations, HCL Technologies, who spoke on the topic ‘Preparing Budding Managers for Post COVID-19 Challenges.’

Mr. Bhalla began by telling the students that safety has become a priority in today’s date, and the client base of IT industry has been impacted. Post the COVID-19 situation every organization is in its revival stage in terms of their inventory, supply chain etc. Now the focus is to adopt better ways to reduce the cost. He emphasized the importance of new managers coming up with new ideas and plans to run the business. He said that they cannot follow the same business continuity plan which was being followed before the current situation. Therefore, “Situation Management “has to be learnt by new MBA graduates and complete revamping of project management is required. He said that the focus should be not in increasing the customers, but sustaining the existing customer base. 

Mr. Bhalla also shared the importance of developing more technology in the current situation, to overcome any hurdles faced by industries. Investment in infrastructure is on hold and more focus is towards healthcare.

On the hiring front, he mentioned that the core job of an IT firm is to hire B.Tech and MBA graduates to strategize the work, know the market and come up with a solid plan. Hence, he focused the importance of upskilling to stay relevant.

Mr. Bhalla also pointed out the second phase of digitalization which is happening currently; first phase being during demonetization period. No country was prepared for the pandemic, but still organizations have adapted to the situation. He emphasized on the importance of maintaining discipline even in the time of chaos. He reflected on the need to build internal commitment and indulge in self-study. He also suggested major parameters for choosing a company to join. Big companies would be seen surviving the situation, and it is time for new hires to keep learning.

The session was followed by Q&A where students came up with their queries and displayed their keen interest in the topic. We look forward to hosting more such informative webinars with our respected guest.