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CII Workshop

CII Workshop

If you ask me if a workshop can give you courage to execute a business plan of business, then may answer would be definitely a Big Yes. Can any event/workshop that lasted not more than 8 hrs.’ change your predispositions and perspectives? I once again affirm that, Yes and Iam a testimony to it. I was never so convenient to share my idea in an assumption that my idea may shot down or stolen, but this time Praseeda is proven wrong, if you have a team, like I did, you in fact will add upon.
My business that needed huge investment turned its shape to be a zero investment program. So, in the workshop we worked upon the business plan, a blue print that every Eiffel tower requires.

– Praseeda (Student of SIBM)

I don’t buy in unless I don’t find it fruitful, as this can rightly prove my choice.

– Harsha. (Student of SIBM)

I have never before thought of entrepreneurship on a serious note, now I feel there is something special that needs my attention.

– Srinidhi. (Student of SIBM)

The students of SIBM-H participated in the business plan presentation and evaluation conducted by CII on Aug 11, 2017. The one day workshop titled entrepreneur and intrepreneure for a better workplace was held in Hyderabad.

Semester I SIBM students at CII workshop

Semester I students at CII workshop

 SIBM Students participated in the event

Students participated in the event