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Guest Lecture by Mr. Ashish Raj

Guest Lecture by Mr. Ashish Raj

Topic : "Business Process Management & e-Commerce Interface"

Date : August 4th, 2020

Guest Faculty Profile:-

Mr. Ashish Raj, is IT project manager at Amazon India. He is a graduate engineer C.SC from Uttarakhand Technical University, PGCBM graduate from XLRI, Jamshedpur, CSM, PMP, Six Sigma Green Belt, ITIL certified. He has been a Guest speaker at various platforms. He is also involved in Social engagement with Toast Masters International, Teach for India, MAD (Make a Difference). He is a sports enthusiast by heart, have played National in Lawn tennis and Shot-put, Founder of Passion Café, Hyderabad.

Summary of Presentation:-

Mr. Ashish Raj about has given a practical perspective of Business Process Management Business Process Life Cycle. Further he extended his discussion to interface of business process management and IT. He has elaborated on the business process IT projects, agility and scrum techniques in IT project management. He vividly explained the difference between the two important models which are used in IT industry that is “waterfall” and “Agile”. He went on to explain the importance of scrum and its implementation in IT industry. He concluded the first half of the session with example of how BPM can be implemented in the Call Centres of the telecom industry. In the second part of the session he spoke about the importance of Reskilling. He advised the students to acquire skills on advanced Excel, Python, IoT, Big Data and Scrum from the point of view of operations as these skills would help the students to compete and be in a better position for their forthcoming careers. He also spent fairly long time answering student’s questions. He ended the session by wishing luck to all the students and emphasised on the point of continuously getting skilled and reskilled. 

Some moments of the sessions


Students have shown great interest on this topic by actively participating in this interactive session. The session gave the students several insights and helped them in understanding importance of BPM and how it is implemented in the industry. Along with this the students also acquired knowledge on the importance of reskilling and the skills that they should acquire to excel in the IT industry. Overall, it was a very interactive and informative session which enhanced the student’s understanding of the IT sector.

Guest Lecture by Mr. Ashish Raj
Guest Lecture by Mr. Ashish Raj