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Symbinar 1.0 Series - Mr. Abhishek Gupta | SIBM Hyderabad
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Symbinar 1.0 Series - Mr. Abhishek Gupta

Symbinar 1.0 Series - Mr. Abhishek Gupta

Topic: "Supplier, Procurement, Logistics sourcing in textile/automotive industry post-COVID-19 times"

Date: 28th June 2020, Sunday

Time: 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM

As part of the live webinar series- SYMBINAR, we hosted Mr. Abhishek Gupta, Head Commercials, Blackberrys, who spoke on the topic ‘Supplier, Procurement, Logistics sourcing in textile/automotive industry post COVID-19 times.’ 

Our honourable speaker has highlighted the need to look at the current business requirements of companies, as their main aim is to bring back their businesses on track, look for advanced analytics to procure real time data, and follow ways to strengthen relations with their customers. It has become important to note that how customers are now perceiving every brand in the pandemic, and how the brands are projecting themselves to their customers. Thus, companies are trying their best to adapt to the new situation, and bring back loyal customers by fulfilling their needs. 

Mr. Gupta shared that the apparel/textile industry contributes 2% to the GDP of India and provides 40 million jobs. The sector is currently facing the challenge of availability of skilled man power, and also high cash flow constraints. 

Talking about the automotive industry, Mr. Gupta told us that the industry contributes to 7% of the GDP and provides 40 million jobs. It is facing short term variations in prices and profit margins are getting impacted. 

Sir also explained that there is a dire need for companies to focus on customer satisfaction, forecasting, sourcing, freight management and storage in the matrix of supply chain logistics. Forecasting needs accuracy and real time data, and sourcing requires efficiency, cost reduction and revisiting sourcing policies. Similarly, storage should be optimised as per sales team forecasts. 

The session was followed by a Q&A Session where students came up with their queries and displayed their keen interest in the topic. We look forward to hosting more such informative webinars with our respected guest.