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Symbinar 2.0 Series - Mr. Pramod Kumar

Symbinar 2.0 Series - Mr. Pramod Kumar

Topic: "Opportunities & Challenges for Supply Chain of B2B & B2C Businesses in Pandemic Era"

Date: 23rd August 2020, Sunday

Time: 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM

As part of the second edition of the live online webinar series “SYMBINAR 2.0”, which focuses on the ideas of Reset, Resilience and Resurgence, we hosted Mr. Pramod Kumar, Head of Supply Chain Operations, South Zone, Gati Ltd., who expressed his views on the topic Opportunities & Challenges for Supply Chain of B2B & B2C Businesses in Pandemic Era.

Mr. Pramod started the session by talking about the challenges, the opportunities and the changes in Geo political situation with special reference to supply chain. The session mainly focused on B2C and B2B Supply Chain/Logistics. Talking about B2C Mr. Pramod gave an insight about the current market conditions in terms of volume and also spoke about future projections of the same. He also spoke about the recovery of supply chain industry with respect to Gradual Recovery and Spring Theory. 

Moving forward he gave students the brief about Indian B2C E-Tailing supply chain industry wherein he explained with statistics about the Transit Split model. Sir also spoke about the challenges and opportunities in line haul, impact of COVID on industry specific supply chain, broad learning for India due to pandemic, new emerging business lines for supply chain, trends, challenges and opportunities in B2B Supply chain.

Overall, it was an insightful and data driven session. The session helped the students gain a comprehensive outlook on the future of supply chain/logistics. The future leaders engaged themselves in to the topic and posed some thought-provoking questions and kept the session lively with their zeal and enthusiasm.

We look forward to hosting you again Mr. Pramod Kumar and continue this association in future.