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Symbinar 2.0 Series - Mr. Aditya Adyar | SIBM Hyderabad
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Symbinar 2.0 Series - Mr. Aditya Adyar

Symbinar 2.0 Series - Mr. Aditya Adyar


Date: 28th August 2020, Friday

Time: 05:00 PM to 06:00 PM

The Corporate Interaction Cell of SIBM Hyderabad feels elated to have welcomed Mr. Aditya Adyar, Head HR, Piramal Realty Pvt. Ltd. for engaging the students with his insights in the webinar. We were fortunate to be a part of "Fireside Chat'' with him. It was an engaging, one on one conversation between him and the moderator, while clarifying all the queries put forward by the students, with his personal touch. 

Mr. Aditya threw light on his MBA journey and corporate ideas related to the challenging Real Estate sector. Initially, he began with his perspective on various helpful ways to stand apart from tough competitors and create your own brand image in the market. He also talked about ways to read the pulse of customers and how to cater to their needs, by adapting to the changing times. In this context, the Real Estate sector which is usually an offline platform has learnt how to focus on virtual reality and establish the same connect with the customers. 

Then, he talked about the holistic development of an organisation by focusing on the long term growth strategy of its employees. Further, he gave valuable takeaways for the students, on ways to make the most out of MBA and have an enriching experience. He emphasised on the necessity of peer learning from different groups and sharpening one's analytical thinking through case studies and management competitions. Finally, he shared his learning outcomes from his memorable MBA journey. 

We look forward to having many more interactive and insightful sessions with you in the coming future and continue this association.