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Symbinar 2.0 Series - Mr. Pushkar Gokhale

Symbinar 2.0 Series - Mr. Pushkar Gokhale

Topic: "Achieving Excellence in Corporate Life"

Date: 28th August 2020, Friday

Time: 06:30 PM to 07:30 PM

As part of the second edition of the live online webinar series “SYMBINAR 2.0”, which focuses on the ideas of Reset, Resilience and Resurgence, we hosted Mr. Pushkar Gokhale, Vice President and Head – B2B, Security Solutions Division, Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd., who addressed the students on the subject which is a never ending quest, ‘Achieving Excellence in Corporate Life’. 

Mr. Gokhale started the session with an open-ended question where one had to define what success means to them and our constant pursuit of it, keeping in mind the value system and bringing value addition to where we go as aspiring corporate leaders.

The session was highly interactive as it involved students to share their perspectives and give direction to the discussion. He gave a bird’s eye view of understanding an organisation structure, what should be its strategy imperatives, what are the enablers that eventually drives the results of an organisation, focusing on business excellence framework. In order to excel and develop a strong business acumen he emphasized the need to be familiar with commercial laws, taxation laws, GST and Companies Act, etc.

Mr. Gokhale stressed upon the need to be passionate and have a zeal for whatever one does and add value to the organisation in order to achieve excellence. He also emphasized on the constant need to adapt with changing times and be part of the innovation that is imperative for the organisation’s growth and the need for us to stay relevant. In addition, he delved upon why it’s critical to function in a cohesive team environment and how a ‘one-man army’ is a myth. 

He also mentioned about the two Indias’ that exists in ‘Bharat’, i.e. the rural and urban India and how Rural India is looked at as a massive opportunity and potential for growth which will give our economy the much needed fillip and why catering to the rural market, understanding it and adding value is significant.

We look forward to more such interaction with you in the near future and continue this association.