Event Summary: International Student’s Day 2023 - SIBM Hyd
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International Student’s Day 2023

International Student’s Day 2023

Event Summary: International Student’s Day 2023


The aim of the International Student Day aims to foster a sense of belonging, promote cross-cultural understanding, and provide a platform for students from different backgrounds to share their experiences and perspective. The Symbiosis family also celebrated this day, commemorating the birthday of our honourable visionary, founder, and chancellor of SIU, Dr. S.B. Mujumdar.


By organizing this event, we ensured to promote cultural exchange, strengthen intercultural connections, and encourage networking among students, faculty, and staff to enrich the overall experience for everyone.

Event Details:

Event Name: International Student’s Day 2023

Date: 31st July 2023

Time: 9:30 AM

Venue: Auditorium of SIU, Hyderabad campus

Organizing Committee:

Mélange – The Organizing Committee in collaboration with Antardhwani – The Cultural Club, Inksleuths - The Literary Committee, Dauntless - The Sports and Wellness Committee of SIBM, Hyderabad

Event Description:

International Student Day is a global observance held to celebrate and recognize the contributions and experiences of International students studying in various countries. With warmth and joy, both the campus that is SIBM, Hyderabad, and SLS, Hyderabad celebrated it on 31st July, 2023.

The anchors started the event with embracing the philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - The world is one family. It was followed by a short video highlighting the traditions and culture that symbiosis stands for.

Post which, Team Aaroh, the Cultural Club team of Antardhwani, delivered a mesmerizing performance, enchanted our audience and our esteemed guests with their soulful singing, setting the perfect vibe, and creating a relaxed atmosphere.

International Student’s Day 2023

(Performance by Aaroh, Antardhwani)

We then felicitated our guest- Dr Prof Petra M. Schweitzer, post which she addressed the audience, emphasizing the significance of education and research in shaping future generations and bringing the positive change. She also highlighted the birthday of our founder S.B Mujumdar and his core value of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam- The world is one family which has profoundly influenced lives, creating a welcoming environment for international students to study at Symbiosis and experience a sense of home.

International Student’s Day 2023

(Felicitation of Dr Prof Perta M. Schweitzer)

Then with some excitement the team Dauntless- the Sport and Wellness committee of SIBM, Hyderabad organised thrilling games for the International students and guests, igniting excitement and sense of joy among them. These engaging activities not only fostered enthusiasm but also provided the platform for interaction, allowing them to get better acquainted with our campus and each other.

International Student’s Day 2023

(Dauntless- The Sports and Wellness Committee organising their event)

The event ended with the group picture of all the guest members including the International student and our Faculty member. The event threw light into various aspect including the need to have constant learning in life. The international student celebration was indeed a resounding success.

International Student’s Day 2023

(Group picture with International Student, Faculty member and Guests)