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Awareness Session Regarding Schemes for Women & a Girl child development - SIBM Hyderabad
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Awareness Session Regarding Schemes for Women & a Girl child development

Awareness Session Regarding Schemes for Women & a Girl child development


Event NameAwareness Session Regarding Schemes for Women & a Girl child development

ObjectiveTo spread awareness among the women staff of Symbiosis International University, Hyderabad about current government schemes for the betterment of women and a girl child.

OutcomeThe women of housekeeping staff became aware of multiple government- schemes which will benefit them. It was an interactive session with a doubt-clearing segment at the end. The women became educated on multiple schemes and a lot of them were determined to apply to the schemes which were introduced during the session.

Brief Report
Ikshana, the ISR club of SCMS-H in collaboration with Shakti, the women development cell & individual social responsibility cell of SIBM-H organized an interactive session for International Women’s Week 2023. It was organized on 4th March 2023 in the academic block. The session was about making the women staff of SIU, Hyderabad aware of the government programmes/ schemes for improving their and their families’ lives. This session was conducted in Telugu as it is widely understood by the audience.

M. Yoshitha of SCMS-H was the anchor of the respective event. She commenced the session by welcoming faculties, staff and students.


(Ms. Yoshita introducing the event)


(Dr. K D V Prasad taking the session)


(Audience attending the session)

She introduced the speaker for the session Dr K.D.V Prasad, Assistant Professor (research) of SIBM-H. He started the session by emphasising on the importance of women empowerment in today’s era. Later on, sir introduced different government scheme for women and a girl child. Sir explained all the chosen schemes in detail to the audience. The contents of the schemes introduced included:

  • A brief summary of the scheme
  • Eligibility to apply to the scheme
  • Areas where the schemes are applicable to
  • Benefits of the scheme
  • Application process of the scheme

The schemes introduced to the women staff were as follows:

  • KCR Kit
  • Annapurna Scheme
  • Dhana Lakshmi
  • One–Stop Centre Scheme
  • Sukhanya Scheme
  • Udyogini Scheme
  • Mahila – E – Haat

They were also given pamphlets briefing them about the different government schemes.


(Pamphlet distributed to the audience)

The attendees listened to the session keenly. A lot of queries arose as well that were clarified by Dr K.D.V Prasad and the coordinators.


(Doubt clarification by speaker)

The session ended with Abhijit Ramesh Goud of SCMS-H giving the vote of thanks to Dr K.D.V Prasad, faculty in charge – Dr. Ridhi Rani and Dr. Disha Pathak and the audience.