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Guest Lecture on Organisational Development and Change

Guest Lecture on Organisational Development and Change


Event Name: Guest Lecture on Organisational Development and Change

Objective: This event aimed to equip students with the knowledge and tools to leverage OD&C for organizational success, covering key concepts like SWOT analysis, DMAIC application, and overcoming change resistance.

Outcome: The outcome of the Guest lecture was to improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills through analyzing organizational challenges.


The Human Resources Club of SIBM-H Humanalaya conducted a Guest Lecture on the topic “Organisational Development and Change” for the human resource students of MBA Batch 2023-25 on 08th January 2024. The guest lecturer for the session was Dr. Poulomi Ghosh, Chief L&D consultant DEI and POSH advocate. Dr. Ghosh delved into the fascinating world of Organizational Development and Change (OD&C), offering valuable insights applicable to our HR aspirations. She eloquently underscored the crucial role of HR in this equation, highlighting its position as a supportive foundation for organizational growth and transformation.

(Dr. Ghosh Addressing the students )

The lecture emphasized the significance of precise problem identification as the cornerstone of successful change initiatives. We were introduced to the SWOT analysis framework, a powerful tool for dissecting an organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This systematic approach equips us to objectively assess current situations and pave the way for strategic interventions.

Furthermore, Dr. Ghosh shed light on the DMAIC methodology, a structured approach to problem-solving and continuous improvement. Through the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control phases, we learned how to meticulously analyze issues, implement effective solutions, and monitor their impact for sustained progress.

(Dr. Ghosh explaining the concepts to the students)

To solidify these concepts, we were presented with the ODQ questionnaire – a diagnostic tool used to gauge organizational climate and identify potential areas for development. Interpreting its data provided valuable practice in translating theoretical frameworks into practical assessments.

The lecture seamlessly transitioned into an engaging group activity. We were tasked with conducting a SWOT analysis and applying DMAIC to a hypothetical IT company facing specific challenges. This active learning exercise cemented our understanding of these vital tools and allowed us to collaborate in addressing complex scenarios.

(Students engaged in group activity )

In conclusion, today's OD&C guest lecture was an enriching experience. It effectively equipped us with theoretical knowledge and practical tools, leaving us with a clear understanding of HR's essential role in facilitating positive organizational change. The combination of expert insights, interactive assessments, and collaborative activities provided a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

(Students performing the activity)

(HR Batch of 2023-25 with Dr. Ghosh)