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Guest Lecture on “Logistic Regression and Market Basket Analysis Using SPSS/Excel

Guest Lecture on “Logistic Regression and Market Basket Analysis Using SPSS/Excel

Event Name: Guest Lecture on “Logistic Regression and Market Basket Analysis Using SPSS/Excel”

Objective: The objective of this guest lecture is to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of logistic regression and market basket analysis, showcasing their practical applications through SPSS and Excel. By the end of the session, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively utilize these analytical techniques in identifying relationships, making informed predictions, and uncovering valuable insights from data in the context of market trends and consumer behavior. The lecture aims to empower participants with hands-on proficiency in applying these tools to real-world scenarios, enhancing their data analysis capabilities for informed decision-making.

Outcome: • Upon completing this guest lecture, participants will achieve the following outcomes:

  • Mastery of Logistic Regression: Attendees will gain a strong grasp of logistic regression concepts, enabling them to model and analyze binary outcomes, make predictions, and interpret results.
  • • Proficiency in Market Basket Analysis: Participants will develop the skills to conduct market basket analysis, uncovering associations between products and customer purchasing patterns for strategic business insights.
  • • Hands-on SPSS and Excel Expertise: Attendees will acquire practical experience in utilizing SPSS and Excel for data analysis, enabling them to implement logistic regression and market basket analysis techniques effectively.
  • • Real-world Application: Participants will be equipped to apply these techniques to real-world scenarios, contributing to improved decision-making in areas such as marketing, sales, and business strategy.
  • •Enhanced Analytical Abilities: By the end of the lecture, attendees will have enhanced their data analysis capabilities, empowering them to extract valuable insights and drive informed business actions through data-driven approaches.


On 7thAugust 2023, OP$-ERA – The Operations Club of SIBM-Hyderabad, under the guidance of Dr.Sri Yogi, organized a guest lecture on "Logistic Regression and Market Basket Analysis Using SPSS/Excel" for the MBA (Operations) Batch 2022-24.This lecture provided a comprehensive overview of these analytical techniques. Participants gained insights into logistic regression's predictive modeling and its practical applications in decision-making. The lecture delved into market basket analysis, revealing associations in consumer purchasing behaviors. Hands-on demonstrations using SPSS and Excel equipped attendees to apply these methods effectively. The lecturer's interactive approach fostered understanding, enhancing participants' data analysis skills. Overall, the session empowered the participants’ to leverage data-driven insights, benefiting businesses and decision processes.