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Entrepreneurial Journey of Professional Networking Startup

Entrepreneurial Journey of Professional Networking Startup


Ms. Rimjhim Ray, CEO and founder of Frapperz.com, now Spotle.ai addressed the marketing and HR students of the second year on her journey as an entrepreneur and the challenges and difficulties she overcame to launch India’s first ever AI based career networking site.

The guest lecture started at 5 pm with Ms. Rimjhim sharing her experiences and inception of Spotle.ai. She shared with the students what the life of an entrepreneur is and what to expect while one takes on this path of being an entrepreneur.

Her lecture was directed at the new generation millennial and how an entrepreneur must keep in mind who it is he is servicing or targeting before embarking on the painstaking journey of being an entrepreneur. She said it is like a marriage that you have to devote yourself to completely.

She had an interactive session with the students and cleared doubts about how her website makes the most suitable career match using the AI technology benefitting both the job-seeker and the recruiter. With AI being the future of the corporate world, its inclusion in the recruitment and job hunting scenarios also plays a major role. She gave the students insights on different market researches carried out where recruitment via traditional platforms comes at a higher cost and takes a longer period of time while Spotle.ai cuts recruitment time by 60%.

Ms. Rimjhim added a lot of motivation and emotional connect to her lecture with an advice for an entrepreneur to always circle his life with close friends and family as they would need constant support and backing. Entrepreneurship being as difficult a profession is also very satisfying and fulfilling in many ways. “An entrepreneur faces many obstacles and challenges along the way but overcoming them is very rewarding” she said.

The lecture ended with Dr. Tanmoy De felicitating Ms. Rimjhim Ray with a sapling.

 Ms. Rimjhim Ray addressing student of SIBM

Dr. Tanmoy De felicitating Ms. Rimjhim Ray at SIBM