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Guest Lecture on Technical Analysis

Guest Lecture on Technical Analysis

A guest lecture on “Technical Analysis” was conducted for second year Finance specialization students by Mr. Vamsi, a senior Technical Analyst from Inditrade Capital Limited. Mr Vamsi shared his experiences in the domain and his personal insights on identifying and trading into stocks that give optimal returns. The following are some of the key highlights of the guest lecture:-

  •   The history of Technical Analysis
  •    The suitability of a particular indicator in different trading situations
  •    Understanding the market forces and the emotions behind the formation of chart patterns
  •    Discussion about various popular trading strategies adopted by retail traders and investors
  •    Trading strategies to be adopted during normal days and event days like declaration of results and macro-economic changes like weakening of rupee etc.

A 30 minute interactive question-answer round was held following the lecture. It was a worthy learning experience to interact with industry experts like Mr. Vamsi, who not only enhanced our conceptual understanding by providing real-time examples, but also shared his personal experience as a regular trader which helped the students recognize the common mistakes that could be avoided while trading and also design an optimal strategy to stay in profits most of the times.

Guest Lecture on Technical Analysis at SIBM

Mr. Vamsi addressing SIBM students