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A Workshop on Predictive Analytics and Data Science using Python

A Workshop on Predictive Analytics and Data Science using Python

Topic:- A Workshop on Predictive Analytics and Data Science using Python

The second year students of SIBM-H had an opportunity to get introduced to python programming and more specifically to the version called Anaconda Navigator. The four- day workshop was between July 04 to 07, 2018. The students of Operations and Finance formed one batch and the students of Marketing and HR formed another batch. The workshop was undertaken by Mr. P Mohan from Tech Mahindra. To begin with he explained the importance of analytics and the significance of it in the industry. The workshop was undertaken as a case based learning for each specialisation which provided the practical understanding of the tool. For example, the operations case was concentrated on minimising the cost of operation of a product given its constraints. The students were trained how to define the constraints and develop a program code for the problem defined. The pedagogy employed in the workshop was very useful and the same time, the students had good learnings. At the end of the workshop, the students interacted with the client Mr. Chanukya Reddy Mekala from United Kingdom having 10 + years of experience in Business Intelligence in Big Data on Skype. This client interaction was made on the motive of providing an exposure of general happenings in a company and how demanding a client can be. This interaction gave a feel of company meeting which thrilled the students.

As vote of thanks, we sincerely thank the institute and Dr. Rajkumar pillay for organising such a workshop which is an industry specific and much needed in the current scenario. Analytics using these tools are high in demand and we are sure that we could take this learning as a competitive advantage when we present ourselves during the campus placements.

Dr. Rajkumar Pillay
Operations / Analytics

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