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Guest Lecture by Dr. Kiranmai Pendyala

Guest Lecture by Dr. Kiranmai Pendyala

Topic:-Recent Trends in Talent Management Practices

Date : October 03, 2018

On October 03, 2018, Dr. Kiranmai Pendyala, Corporate Vice President of AMD, addressed the students of both batches of MBA in SIBM Hyderabad, on “Recent Trends in Talent Management Practices”.

Dr. Pendyala gave great wisdom on how to reject the unfit from group rather than selecting the ‘right fit’. She stressed on how more than the right fit, it is now important to align the right USP of the talent pool with that of the company.

In the current corporate scenario, supply has exceeded the demand and it has become crucial to showcase ones’ USP to be able to be recognized as an asset for the company.

With advancements in technology and with artificial intelligence slowly gripping the world, talent acquisition is slowly shifting onto a digitalized platform.. Dr. Pendyala gave the example of Steve Jobs of Apple and Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX, who are mustangs, respected more for their intellectual capability rather than their behavioural aspects.

Dr. Kiranmai Pendyala has been a true inspiration for all aspiring managers at SIBM Hyderabad.

Dr. Ridhi Rani
Assistant Professor

Dr. Ravi Kumar Jain
Director, SIBM - Hyderabad

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