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Event Name: Elysium7.0


Outcome:The participants participated with full energy and maintained that enthusiasm throughout theevent.Outstanding individual performancescontributed to their overall success, securing their triumph in a fiercely competitive tournament. The event fosteredcamaraderie and sportsmanship, leaving participants with lasting memories of a thrillingcompetition.


EventName: Elysium7.0.

Shakti Women Development and Social Responsibility cell of SIBM- Hyderabad invited Dr. Poulomi Ghosh, who serves as a HR professional at Lnd and is a renowned POSH Consultant. The event took place at SIBM campus during evening.

Dauntless- The Sports and Wellness committee of SIBM-H organized Elysium 7.0, an inter-college sports fest for the MBA Batches on the 10 th and 11 th of January 2024.

Elysium 7.0, the intercollege sports fest for MBA batches, symbolizes a convergence of talent, sportsmanship, and camaraderie among business students.

The event served as a platform for networking, building connections, and reinforcing the spirit of collaboration among future business leaders.

The opening ceremony, expertly hosted by Narmada and Sangeetha, marked the commencement of Elysi 7.0 with flair and grandeur. The powerful words of the Second in Command, Ms. Vaishali, and the symbolic baton passing ceremony added a touch of unity and camaraderie, setting the stage for an intense and thrilling sporting extravaganza. The excitement is now palpable as the teams gear up for the challenging battles on the court.

(Baton Ceremony)

On day one, the outdoor sports events added a vibrant touch to the fest with exciting futsal, throwball, basketball, and volleyball competitions.

The futsal competition was a fast-paced and exciting event that captivated the audience with its skillful displays and quick-paced action. Teams showcased their agility, precision, and teamwork in the confined space of the futsal court, making every match a spectacle.

The competition witnessed spirited performances from all participating teams, and the matches were closely contested. The players demonstrated exceptional ball control, quick passes, and precise goal-scoring, making the futsal tournament a highlight of the overall sports event.

The matches were intense and competitive, with each team giving their best to secure a spot in the semi-finals. After a series of closely contested matches, the four teams that emerged as semi-finalists were IBS, NMIMS, IMT,and SIBM.


The basketball competition was a riveting display of skill, teamwork, and competitive spirit, featuring numerous teams vying for supremacy. The tournament witnessed intense matchups, showcasing the athleticism and strategic prowess of the participating teams.

Several teams demonstrated commendable performances throughout the competition, with close matches keeping the spectators on the edge of their seats. The level of competition was palpable, reflecting the dedication and training that each team had undergone.

As the tournament progressed, the pool of contenders narrowed down, leading to a highly anticipated semi- final stage. Among the standout teams were SIBM, SCMS, IMT, and IBS. All of them earned their spots in the semi-finals through impressive victories in the preceding rounds.

The teams had exhibited remarkable cohesion, individual skills, and strategic play, making them deserving contenders for the coveted championship title.

(Basketball Competition)

The volleyball competition served as a platform for participants to not only showcase their athletic abilities but also to foster a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition.

As the competition progressed, the intensity heightened, and the matches became more gripping. Ultimately, the semi-finalists emerged, marking their journey through a combination of strategic plays and remarkable sportsmanship. The semi-finalists for the volleyball tournament were SIBM, IMT, IBS Team 1, and IBS Team 2.

The semi-finals promised to be thrilling encounters, as these four teams had demonstrated their commitment and ability to navigate the challenges of the tournament. Each team brought its unique style and strategy to the court, contributing to the overall excitement of the event.

The semi-finals promised to be thrilling encounters, as these four teams had demonstrated their commitment and ability to navigate the challenges of the tournament. Each team brought its unique style and strategy to the court, contributing to the overall excitement of the event.


(Volleyball Competition)

The highly anticipated throwball competition, featuring numerous skilled teams, unfolded with enthusiasm and fierce competition. Teams from various schools and institutions converged at the sports arena to showcase their prowess in this dynamic and engaging sport.

Each team displayed a commendable level of skill, teamwork, and sportsmanship, making the atmosphere electrifying and captivating for spectators. The initial rounds were a testament to the dedication and hard work invested by the participating teams, creating an intense and competitive environment.

(Throwball Competition)

After a series of gripping matches, two standout teams emerged as the undisputed semi-finalists: Team Manage and Team IBS. Both teams exhibited exceptional coordination, strategic gameplay, and unwavering determination, earning them a well-deserved spot in the semi-finals.

The day was not just about competition; it was a celebration of sportsmanship and shared passion. Participants and spectators alike reveled in the lively atmosphere, creating memories that will resonate long after Elysium 7.0 day 1 concludes.

Elysium Day 2

Initiated with an invigorating surge of energy and fervor, the commencement of the second day of Elysium 7.0 set the tone for another day of spirited competition. Day 2 of Elysium featured the pivotal moments of the semi-finals and finals across all outdoor sports, signifying a culmination of skill and determination. Concurrently, the inauguration of indoor sports marked the initiation of another dimension in the realm of athletic excellence.


Out of the six volleyball teams, SIBM and IMT advanced to the semi-finals following their spectacular performances.

However, it was the two teams from IBS, namely Team 1 and Team 2, that successfully secured a spot in the final match. Following a closely contested final match, Team 1 of IBS emerged triumphant, securing the coveted winners position.

Basket Ball

Among the five basketball teams, SIBM and SCMS demonstrated exceptional prowess, earning them spots in the semi-finals. The intense competition unfolded with IMT and IBS showcasing remarkable skills, ultimately earning them places in the highly anticipated final match.

(Final match between IBS and IMT)

The climactic showdown in the final was characterized by a heated exchange of skill and strategy. In the end, after a closely contested battle, IMT emerged triumphant, claiming the prestigious winner's position in a display of outstanding athleticism and sportsmanship.


The singular womens sporting event featured in the Elysium was throwball, accentuating a commitment to fostering female athletic prowess and promoting increased representation in B- school sports. Out of the three participating teams, MANAGE and IBS engaged in a competitive final match, with IBS ultimately securing victory. This not only highlighted the skill development among female athletes but also underscored the importance of encouraging and recognizing womens participation in the sporting events of academic institutions.

Table Tennis

Table tennis, is regarded as one of the most thrilling indoor sports. The sport is known for its dynamic nature, combining elements of strategy and skill. Players engage in rapid exchanges, utilizing various spins and techniques to outmaneuver their opponents. The compact playing area demands quick decision-making and adaptability, making it an exhilarating and challenging sport.

(Play of match between two teams from SIBM-H)

Table tennis was organized in playoffs featuring three teams. The participating teams comprised two from SIBM-H and one from IPE. The dynamic and enjoyable nature of the sport added an extra layer of excitement to the playoffs. The spirited competition during the final round saw the team from IPE emerging victorious, demonstrating exceptional skill and strategic play. In a closely contested match, Team 2 from SIBM-H displayed commendable sportsmanship, securing the runners-up position.


Chess, renowned for its intellectual rigor, is an indoor sport that demands strategic thinking and tactical prowess. This indoor sport of Elysium 7.0 featured five players; the competition unfolded with each team showcasing their mastery of the game. The cerebral nature of chess was evident in the thoughtful moves and calculated decisions made by the participants, contributing to an atmosphere of intense concentration.

(Final round of chess competition)

Notably, two teams from IPE displayed exceptional skill and reached the finals, ultimately securing the winner and runner-up positions. The intricate interplay of offensive and defensive strategies during the matches underscored the depth and complexity of this timeless game, highlighting the mental acuity required for success in chess competitions.


Carrom, a distinctive indoor sport, seamlessly blends the elements of both thrilling competition and leisurely recreation.In the carroms competition of Elysium 7.0 four teams participated, the competition unfolded with each team showcasing their proficiency in the subtle art of carrom. The matches demonstrated a balance of precision and finesse, with players employing skillful strokes to outmaneuver opponents.

(Final round carroms)

The two teams from IPE exhibited exceptional prowess, culminating in an exciting final where one emerged as the winner, while the other secured the runner-up position. The enjoyable and strategic nature of carrom adds a unique dimension to indoor sports, making it a delightful pastime for players of varying skill levels.


Futsal, where among the 11 participating teams, SIBM and IBS showcased their prowess, securing spots in the semi-finals. The competition intensified as IMT and NMIMS displayed remarkable skills, propelling them to the finals. In a closely contested match, IMT claimed the coveted winner's position, while NMIMS earned the well-deserved runner-up title.

(Semi-final round futsal)

The Futsal event emerged as a standout highlight of Elysium 7.0, where players exhibited unwavering consistency and determination, even as the sun began to set. The true spirit of sportsmanship and the celebration of athletic prowess were vividly demonstrated on SIBM-Hs Futsal ground, where skill, teamwork, and passion converged to create memorable moments.

As the final whistle echoed across the sporting arenas, Elysium 7.0 bid adieu to a series of thrilling events that showcased the epitome of sp4ortsmanship and camaraderie. The diverse range of sports, from chess to futsal, provided a platform for participants to not only compete but also celebrate the spirit of healthy competition and mutual respect.

Image 1

(Felicitation of throwball winner)

Image 2

(Vote of thanks by Dauntless Head)

The winners and runners-up of various sporting events were facilitated by the respected dignitaries and supportive faculties of SIBM-H. The joy of victory was celebrated at the Amphitheatre. The event formally concluded with a vote of thanks by the Head of Dauntless Mr. Suraj Das.

(Team Dauntless-The Sports and Wellness Committee of SIBM-H)

With the conclusion of these sporting festivities, Elysium 7.0 marked the end of the culmination of a collective journey where athletes, spectators, and organizers alike came together to make the celebration of sports a resounding success. The DJ and bonfire night concluded the event delightfully, leaving attendees with lasting memories of music, warmth, and shared laughter under the starry night sky.

Elysium 7.0 was not just an event; it was a moment awaited by Team Dauntless to create history and leave an indelible mark, a heartfelt culmination of dreams, dedication, and shared aspirations.

Winners and Runners-up List


Winners (IMT) Runners Up (NMIS)
Prasad Chetan
Arijit Akshat
Sriram Ujjval
Mrityunjay Soham
Diganto Saransh
Sagar Aditya
Harshit Arya
Lavkesh Vikramjit


Winners (IMT) Runners Up (NMIS)
Yash Agarwal Naman Bajaj
Animesh Banerjee Yashwant
Nikhil Khatri Hamza Malik
Dhruv gaba Gaurang
Adnan khan Darshit Sharma
Athul prathap Pratyush
Kunal chadda Digvijay Singh
Mayank Dixit Jai Arora
Ankit Narang Tejas Thaker
Mayoor gawhad D.V.S Rohit
Akshat Madan
Lavkesh panwa


Winners (IMT) Runners Up (NMIS)
M. Subhas Reddy G.Prasad
K. Bhasker Yadav A.Sai.Sushant
Chandan Kumar Pendem Manoj
Harshit Adra Velagapudi
G. Abhiram Reddy A.Gopal Reddy
V. Hanumanth Nayak A.Varshith
M. Anudeep Reddy G.Raja Sagar Reddy
Himanshu P. Yashwanth
B. Sampanth Kumar N.Uday


Winners (IMT) Runners Up (NMIS)
Rajesh kumar Aryan Mehta
Sai nath Pallab Chowdhury
Akshay Prasad


Winners (IMT) Runners Up (NMIS)
Satwik Sainath


Winners (IMT) Runners Up (NMIS)
Vaishnavi Ramcharan
Chandrashekar Reddy Abhiram