Symbiosis Institute of Business Management Hyderabad
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management Hyderabad

The well known academician and strategy guru, C K Prahlad has rightly said that a person needs to work for a small company for five years before getting into academics. But at the same time one can’t ignore the fact that lack of application of knowledge has shown the dead end to many business organizations.

Teaching within four walls at a management institute and working within four walls of a corporate office floor surely depict two different worlds. But they need to be integrated for their reciprocal development. Thus consultancy assignments are an integral part of the SIBM's activities. These assignments not only contribute to the professional development of the faculty and the Institute's understanding of the practical aspects of managing businesses, but also serve to improve management practices in business, industry and the government.

Having been in the field of management education for last four decades, the symbiosis brand brings with it the goodwill of generating hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and corporate executives. Continuing the same path, the consultancy team aims at providing services for stability, sustainability and growth of businesses and industries.

Prof. Hariprasad Soni
SIBM Business and Investment Consultancy Services
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Village: Mamidipalli, District: Mahboobnagar,
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