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Symbiosis International University is based on Vedic thought of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” means the “World is a Single Family”. Hence internationalization has been the DNA of SIBM Hyderabad. At SIBM Hyderabad, emphasis is laid on providing an enriching learning environment through initiatives that provide global exposure to all its stakeholders, predominantly the students and the faculty members. It attains this objective through the following measures.

The institution encourages faculty to attend conferences on international platforms to network with peer educational institutions across the world and explore the following opportunities to build a relationship for

  1. 1) Faculty Exchange
  2. 2) Student Exchange through immersion programmes
  3. 3) Collaborative research and Publication and
  4. 4) Collaborative conferences.

We also invite faculty from universities aboard to interact with over students by delivering guest lectures or specific modules of the academic course or to enhance and enrich skills associated with a specific course.

These relationships are both formal and informal, the formal relationship is formed with an MOU between the institutions and the informal relationship is an ongoing process.

In addition to this, Internationalisation cell at SIBM-H

  1. 1) Ensures to resolve issues which bother the international students at the campus and ensures to make them feel home away from home, which is founding motto of Symbiosis.
  2. 2) Ensures to build the relationship with the international students studying in the city across different academic verticals and organises an event on the International Day celebrated at the Campus.