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Event Name: POSH- Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace

Objective:To raise awareness and promote a clear understanding of the importance of fostering a safe and respectful environment within the academic community and at workplaces.

Outcome:The students developed a thorough understanding of relevant laws, received practical tips, and always be inclined to seek guidance whenever encountered with challenges related to issues of sexual harassment.


Shakti Women Development and Social Responsibility cell of SIBM- Hyderabad invited Dr. Poulomi Ghosh, who serves as a HR professional at Lnd and is a renowned POSH Consultant. The event took place at SIBM campus during evening.

(Dr. Poulomi Ghosh addressing the students)

The audience settled into their seats as the event commenced with a keen interest in learning about the POSH Act. Dr. Poulomi, the speaker, emphasized the act's primary focus on women's rights. She shared her personal journey dealing with criminals, highlighting the significance of the POSH Act. Dr. Poulomi urged women to educate themselves, emphasizing that the act provides essential knowledge for fostering a sense of safety in both workplace and academic environments.

The students listening to the speaker

POSH, which stands for Prevention of Sexual Harassment, goes beyond being a mere policy; it signifies a dedication to establishing a workplace or environment characterized by safety, respect, and value for all. The event was to ensures that every interaction contributes to creating a more inclusive community. This event also provided fellow students the importance of observing signs, gestures, and, notably, the tone. Trusting intuition and speaking up when feeling uncomfortable is highlighted as a crucial aspect.

The students involved in knowing more in regards to POSH act

The event left a positive impact by highlighting the importance of being vocal, when the need arises. As it came to an end, audience were not only enriched with valuable insights and global knowledge but also inspired to actively contribute to creating a culture of openness and safety in their respective spheres.