Industrial Visit: Cogent Glass Limited, SIBM Hyderabad
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Industrial Visit: Cogent Glass Limited (22/12/2016)

An Industrial Visit to Cogent Glass Limited (pharmaceutical glass manufacturing plant) was organized by OP$ERA- The Operations Club on 22th December 2016. The agenda was to understand the complete plant operations and various aspects along all major areas taking place inside the glass manufacturing industry. The students were accompanied by the faculty Dr. Rajkumar Pillay. Cogent Glass Limited production facility is located at village Vemula in Mahbubnagar district, near Hyderabad. The facility is strategically located on Hyderabad – Bangalore highway, in the South India Pharma hub. Cogent Glass operates a state-of-the-art glass manufacturing facility for Type I moulded vials, focusing exclusively on servicing the Pharmaceutical industry.