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Symbiनीति 2.0 – NexusForge: Multigenerational Workforce


Date: 25th November 2023

Time: 9:00AM – 5:00 PM

Venue: Auditorium of Symbiosis International University (SIU), Hyderabad Campus

Organizing Committee: Corporate Interaction Cell


The objective of Symbiनीति 2.0 - NexusForge: Multigenerational Workforce was to unite diverse age groups in professional settings. It aimed to foster understanding, empower emerging leaders, improve cross-generational communication, and utilize the combined strengths of multigenerational teams for organizational success.


Symbiनीति 2.0 - NexusForge: Multigenerational Workforce successfully united industry leaders, budding professionals, and students in exploring multigenerational workplace dynamics. Through discussions, panels, and competitions, it bridged generational gaps, empowering attendees with insights for effective communication, leadership, and diverse career paths.

The second edition of 'Symbiनीति – The Management Conclave,' orchestrated by the Corporate Interaction Cell of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad, stood out as a crucial moment in bringing together esteemed corporate figures. This event served as a vibrant platform for discussions, focused on bridging gaps between different generations and inspiring future leaders with the key elements of unified success in companies. It went beyond traditional talks, providing practical strategies for excelling in a workplace driven by the combined knowledge of its members.

Symbiनीति 2.0, under the theme"NexusForge: Multigenerational Workforce,"unfolded as a single-day immersion into the practical insights shared by industry leaders. The event intricately delved into the harmonious interplay within a workforce spanning multiple generations, offering an enriched understanding of collaborative methodologies. NexusForge symbolized a captivating exploration of interconnectedness and collaboration within diverse age groups within a professional setting, emphasizing the fusion of generational intelligence for organizational triumph.

Dr. K.P. Venugopala Rao, Director of SIBM, Hyderabad, welcomed esteemed guests, diving straight into the heart of the event's theme: NexusForge- the Multigenerational Workforce.

In his eloquent address, Dr Rao encapsulated the vital essence of harnessing the collective wisdom of diverse age groups to achieve success within an organisation. He emphasized the powerful potential of cohesive intergenerational dynamics, advocating for inclusivity and the fusion of unique strengths from each generation.

Building on the success of our inaugural event, this year's conclave promises an even more enriching experience, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming edition of SYMBIनीति 2.0 - The Management Conclave.

Symbineeti 2.0

Dr. K.P. Venugopala Rao delivering a commencement speech and extending the guests a heartfelt welcome.

Ms Latha Chembrakalam, Vice President and Head of Technical Center India at Continental, delivered a keynote titled 'ChoiceUnbound:ThrivinginParadox,' outlining the transformative journey of the automobile industry. She emphasized user satisfaction, focusing on safety, personalized experiences, and connectivity as key future factors. Ms. Chembrakalam addressed industry paradoxes as challenges and opportunities, advocating adaptable strategies within the green economy. Discussing electric vehicles, she highlighted energy consumption and long-term sustainability benefits, urging professionals to track IoT advancements in vehicles. Embracing an adaptive mindset, she stressed the importance of nuanced decisions amid industry shifts, affirming that progress lies in navigating innovation, sustainability, and adaptability in the evolving mobility landscape

Symbineeti 2.0

Image (L-R): Ms Latha Chembrakalam, Vice President and Head of Technical Center India, Continental. Ms. Latha Chembrakalam being felicitated by Mr Nicholas Ross, Head - Corporate Relations & MDP.

The opening panel discussion, titled "BridgeTalk: Leading with Cross-Gen Communication," showcased a diverse lineup of industry leaders. Ms. Raghava Avvari, CHRO at Brane Enterprises Pvt. Ltd; Mr S. Padmanabhan, Head of Human Resources at MSN Labs; Mr Raveendra K, Founder Director of Konnectrack Infosolution; Ms Chetana Patnaik, Head HR, L&T Transportation Infrastructure Independent Company; and Mr Dazil Fernandez, Founder of Success Enablers, collectively engaged in illuminating conversations. Their expertise and varied perspectives enriched the session, emphasising the significance of effective cross-generational communication in leadership roles within contemporary organisations.

During a captivating panel discussion led by Dazil Fernandez, four notable speakers shed light on key aspects of how organizations work and the qualities of effective leaders. Ms. Chetana Patnaik talked about success linked to diverse skills and open communication, stressing the need for trust to create an open, honest culture. Mr. S. Padmanabhan highlighted how belief drives action, urging leaders to understand what motivates each person. Mr Raveendra K emphasized learning as you go and the importance of having different perspectives in the workplace. When asked about reverse mentoring, Mr Raghava Avvari stressed the importance of always learning and gaining experience on the job. Fernandez's skilful moderation kept the conversation lively and ensured a diverse exchange of valuable ideas and viewpoints, making the discussion a clear success.

Symbineeti 2.0

Image (L-R): Mr Nicholas Ross, Mr Jaywant Naidu, Chairman – Hyderabad Management Association, Ms Latha Chembrakalam, Mr Dazil Fernandez, Dr K.P. Venugoppala Rao, Mr S. Padmanabhan, Mr Raveendra K, Mr Raghava Avvari, Ms Chetana Patnaik, Ms Mounika Nuthalapaati, Process Leader – Brane Enterprises, Mr Shivoham Singh, Associate Professor – Operations Management.

Following the initial panel discussion, the event progressed to the final round of Corpoblaze, a nationwide competitive quiz for undergraduate students. The quiz, comprising thirty questions covering various active topics, engaged the five top teams, each consisting of two members. Ms. Nandita Sulay, Head of Humanalaya - the HR club, and Mr. Puneet Deevi Kumar, Student Lead of the Alumni Coordination Team, served as quizmasters, challenging the finalists. The winning team received an appreciation certificate and a prize of Rs. 18,000, while the runners-up were awarded Rs. 12,000 in recognition of their achievement.

Symbineeti 2.0

Image: Ms. Nandita Sulay, Head of Humanalaya - the HR club, and Mr. Puneet Deevi Kumar, Student Lead of the Alumni Coordination Team, along with the five finalists' undergraduate teams for the final round of the competition – CorpoBlaze.

As for Corpoblaze's winners, they hailed from Brahmdevdada Mane Institute of Technology (BMIT), Solapur - Mr Tarun Mhanta and Mr Manoj Batgiri. The runners-up were Ms Polisetty Divya and Ms Sarvani Kuchimanchi from SLS, Hyderabad.

Symbineeti 2.0

Image (L-R): Mr. Devendra Mane & Mr. Balaprakash AVND awarding the winners of Corpoblaze. Mr Balaprakash AVND & Mr. Devendra Mane awarding the Runners of Corpoblaze.

An exclusive game tailored for MBA students, BizQuest, offered a series of challenging rounds to put their skills to the test. The initial round on Unstop comprised an MCQ challenge. Moving into the second round, titled "MindMaze," participants engaged in one-on-one negotiations, showcasing their interpersonal dynamics and strategic communication abilities.

This stage aimed to navigate dynamic scenarios, emphasizing collaboration, influence, and the art of reaching mutually beneficial agreements. Transitioning to the final round, "MindWhiz," the focus shifted to analysing case-based scenarios. Here, participants dissected intricate business situations, applying analytical thinking to craft strategic solutions.

Collectively, these rounds cultivated a comprehensive skill set, leading participants to confront the diverse challenges of the corporate world within the framework of BizQuest. The winning team received an appreciation certificate and a prize of Rs. 24,000, while the runners-up were awarded Rs. 16,000 in recognition of their achievement.

Symbineeti 2.0

Image (L-R): Mr. Devendra Mane & Mr. Balaprakash AVND awarding the winners of Corpoblaze. Mr Balaprakash AVND & Mr. Devendra Mane awarding the Runners of Corpoblaze.

Symbineeti 2.0

Image(L-R): Mr Devendra Mane & Mr Balaprakash AVND awarding the runner of BizQuest – Mr Samaksh Nayyar, SIBM – Noida.

The second panel, themed "Transcending Aspirations: The Journey Through Success" at Symbiनीति 2.0, delved into the significance of setting aspirations beyond mere achievements and nurturing a mindset oriented toward continuous growth.

The next panel put together a compelling discussion on "Transcending Aspirations: Navigating the Path to Success." This session showcased insights from Mr A Vinod Kumar, serving as the CEO of SAND Network Pvt Ltd; Mr Devendra Mane, a Senior Vice President handling Distribution Alliances and Emerging Channels at Shriram Life Insurance; Mr Aamir Ajmal, the Founder and CEO of Altum Staffing & Marketing Solutions Pvt. Limited; Mr Balaprakash AVND oversees finances as the Finance Controller at Belcan India. The panel was moderated by Ms Swapna Vittal, who contributes as an assistant vice president in HR at Cigniti Technologies.

Within a multi-generational workforce, diversity thrives, accentuating the pivotal role of forward- thinking leaders in imparting core organizational values. Integral to effective leadership was highlighted as the cornerstone of communication, fostering an environment conducive to the free exchange of ideas. Moreover, the panel emphasized the pivotal role of managers in identifying and cultivating future leaders. The spectrum of career choices now extends beyond financial gains, emphasizing sustainability and holistic personal and professional growth.

Symbineeti 2.0