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A Webinar on the Conservation of the Environment.


Event Name: A Webinar on the Conservation of the Environment.

Objective: To engage and inform the students of SIBM to create awareness regarding the conservation of environment.

Outcome: Through webinar the students learned various insights regarding the protection and conservation of our nature as everyone understood the current situation of our environment. With the help of the simple tips delivered through the webinar they now look forward to actively take steps on their part.


It is our environment that determines the existence of our human beings, which also play a crucial role in determine the future of the earth and the mankind. Therefore, we can observe how important it is to conserve our environment. Shakti -Women Development and Social Responsibility Cell of SIBM Hyderabad conducted a Webinar on the conservation of our environment to educate and create awareness among the students. The Event was hosted by the head and second-in-command of the cell, as they delivered the webinar on what is environment and how it should be conserved by everyone. Through the seminar it was rightly pointed out that the earth is home to not only humans but also to various living organisms and all of it relies on the earth for the food, water and air.

It is also wise to understand that the conservation of the wildlife will also help the human kind lead a peaceful and balanced life. Through the webinar it was disused how it high time that everyone should be focussing on the protection of the environment which has given us so much, without which our life on this planet would not have been possible.

Towards the end of the event, it was also pointed out that through following simple steps we all can contribute for the conservation of the environment like taking action regards the 3 R’s, that is reduce, reuse and recycle. One should also try to adapt to public transportation or carpooling in order to curb the pollution and the harmful gases emitted from vehicles.

(Pratik and Himaja delivering the webinar)


Other important yet useful steps like using electricity in limit were also informed which is a very efficient step to control the over usage of electricity and to also curb the greenhouse gas emissions which usually create a greater damage to the environment. The webinar was concluded as the hosts thanked the audience for their enthusiasm and high spirits to learn about such sensitive topic.