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Christmas Soiree


Event Name: Christmas Soiree

Objective: The primary objective of organizing the Christmas Soiree was to foster a sense of celebration and engagement among the students of SIBM-H, SLS-H, and SCMS-H through a diverse range of cultural events on Christmas Eve. The aim was to create an inclusive and joyous atmosphere that brought together students promoting a sense of community and shared celebration during the festive season.

Outcome: The event successfully achieved its objective by providing a dynamic platform for all students to showcase their talents through various cultural activities. The outcome of the Christmas Soiree was a vibrant and lively celebration that allowed students to express themselves through music, dance, acting, and a ramp walk.


On the occasion of Christmas Eve at the SIBM-H campus, the cultural club of SIBM Hyderabad, Antardhwani, infused the festive spirit by organizing an array of cultural events, and fun-filled games. The event was conducted at the amphitheater accompanied by enchanting music and the glow of softly lit lights. Students from all three institutes—SIBM- H, SLS-H, and SCMS-H—were invited to participate in the festivities, witnessing the vibrant presentations of joy and energy and actively joining the celebrations.

Mime performance by Team Abhinay

The event commenced with a spectacular mime performance by Team Abhinay, delivering a touching message that Christmas is a celebration and an opportunity to gift those in need generously. The event persisted with lively crowd interaction led by the dynamic anchors of Antardhwani, keeping the audience thoroughly engaged.

Performance by Aaroh Member

After the crowd interaction, there was a melodious performance by one of the members of Team Aaroh that left the audience captivated and entranced.

Following that, Team Vibe organized the Hook Step Game, where diverse film songs resonated, and participants from the audience were randomly chosen to showcase the hook step of the selected song and dance their hearts out. The audience erupted in cheers, thoroughly relishing every dance performance, leading to a delightful and entertaining evening.

Performance by Antardhwani members

There was an enchanting musical performance by two members Antardhwani that elevated the vibrancy and joy of Christmas to new heights.

Performance of participants in Chit Quest

The highlight of the event was the game "Chit Quest," where various games organized by different verticals were seamlessly integrated to energize the crowd and enhance the festive spirit of Christmas. The audience enthusiastically selected a chit and engaged in the following activities.

Team Vibe: Jingle Bell Jazz

The participants (solo or group) had the opportunity to showcase their dance prowess in a lively battle, incorporating Christmas props into their energetic performances.

Team Panache: Christmas in Hollywood

Participants had the opportunity to channel their inner Hollywood star and grace the ramp as their favorite Christmas movie/TV character.

Team Abhinay: Act Verse

Participants were provided a platform to unleash their inner acting skills through monologues, skits, and mimes.

Team Aaroh: MelodyAffair

Participants were encouraged to let their voices do the talking (and singing!) in the acoustic showdown.

Performance by Team Vibe

Last but certainly not least, Team Vibe delivered an electrifying performance. As the curtains fell on 2023, the stage was ablaze with vibrancy, courtesy of the dance performance featuring all members of Team Vibe.

Presentation of Hamper to Participants

In conclusion, participants were presented with gift hampers and chocolates as tokens of appreciation by the campus administrator of SIBM-H.

Vote of thanks by Head and Second- in- Command

The event concluded formally with the Head and Second in Command of the committee delivering a heartfelt vote of thanks. Following dinner, Antardhwani organized a bonfire and DJ session that heightened the Christmas spirit.