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Event Name: Firande7.0

Objectives: To embody the spirit of collaboration, innovation and community engagement of the students of SIBM Hyderabad. Firande7.0 aimed at nurturing the multifaceted skills of SIBM Hyderabad students while instilling essential qualities of leadership, teamwork, and organizational prowess.


Outcome: Firande7.0 demonstrated success, engaging participants across all the events conducted by the students of SIBM Hyderabad. Students from different Business Schools across the country participated and added value to the event. Firande7.0 witnessed a display of critical thinking and linguistic prowess from the participating students, who had come from various colleges based out of Hyderabad, Mumbai, Nagpur. Participants testimonials expressed unanimous enjoyment and appreciation, highlighting the event's significant contribution to Firande.


Shakti - The Women Development and Social Responsibility cell

Event Name: World Changer Chronicles

Objective: To provide opportunity for the students to interact, network and showcase their skills and abilities.

Outcome: The purpose of the event's curation is to give students a chance to confront different forms of social stigma and express themselves creatively and orally. The event aims at prompting students to reflect on themselves, fostering peer-learning, and enhancing communication skills.


Shakti Women Development and Social Responsibility cell of SIBM- Hyderabad has organised a Firande event for students from various colleges on the 12th Jan 2024 at 4:00 PM in the Academic Block. World Changer Chronicles consisted of two rounds.

1st Round: This round was a poster-making competition that was conducted to test the student’s creativity and their originality. This round also acted as an elimination round for the following.

2nd Round: Second round consisted of presentation on the spot. Each slide will have an image or two. The team is expected to create a storyline that highlights a social cause and its problems and provides a solution towards the end of the presentation. The motive of this roundwas to judge the participant's decision-making, attention to detail, and coordination among the team members, creating awareness about the problems existing in the society and getting out the relevant solutions.

Mrs. Ridhi Rani was our honourable judge for the final round. The cash prizes for The winners: - Rs. 10,000/- The runners up: - Rs. 7,000/-

In the first round the instructions were briefly explained to the participants where they were divided into twelve teams of two-four members each. A time of 45 minutes were given to the participants to work on the posters on the themes given to them. Each team simultaneously worked on the poster where they brainstormed to create an alluring poster with a moral regarding a social cause. Out of the 12 teams, 5 teams got selected for the second round.

Mrs. Ridhi Rani acted as the honourable judge for the final round.

(Participants engaging in an active discussion.)

In round two, each team was given around 5 to 6 slides of images, and the time allotted for each slide is one minute, the teams are expected to create a storyline that highlights a social cause and its problems and provide a solution towards the end of the presentation. They had the creative liberty to come up different storylines to provide solutions regarding a social cause.

(Briefing of the event.)

After the second round, Mrs. Ridhi Rani announced the results.

The Winners: Nishita Thakkar, Tiyasa Mukherjee, Bhargavi Sabbavarapu

The Runner’s up: Isha Kameshwari, Kaarthika Vanga, Billa Srujana

(Team Shakti)

Mint Club, the Finance Club

Event Name: Currency Quest

Objective: To engage and challenge students in practical applications of finance through a multi-round competition, fostering financial literacy, strategic thinking, and trading acumen.

Outcome: The "Currency Quest" event proved highly successful, attracting 41 enthusiastic participants across all three rounds. While each round enjoyed equal popularity, the trading game in the second round particularly stood out as a favourite. In the final round, fierce competition unfolded among 6 teams, culminating in the victory of one team. Positive reviews from all participants underscored their enjoyment and appreciation, emphasizing the substantial impact of the event within the cultural fest. The triumph of "Currency Quest" contributed a valuable and captivating element to Firande.


The Mint Club – Finance Club of SIBM Hyderabad conducted Currency Quest in Firande 7.0. The event was on January 13, 2024, at the Room 101, 103 & 104 respectively. The event started with all the participants assembling in room 102.

Round 1 was a online quiz held on online platform Unstop from 7th January 2024 to 13th January 2024. It consisted of questions related to basic understanding of finance and current affairs related to finance.14 teams were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2 was based on title currency quest was held offline in the campus on January 13th 2023. In this round participants were presented play cards which depicted news and its impact on currencies. There were 5 different currencies starting from INR, USD, Ruble, Taka & Yen. All the countries were famous for one or the other commodity for example India was famous for Medicine etc. Teams had to search out for arbitrage opportunities in order to make profits by buying any commodity from depreciating currency and selling it to the appreciating side. There were three stages under this round in the end 6 teams were shortlisted from this round.

Round 3 was of doing financial statement analysis and presenting it to the panelist which were Dr.Shivoham Singh, &Dr. Kunal Saha. All the teams had 30 minutes to prepare on the industry which they were provided and 10 minutes were given for presentation and Q&A.

(Participants presenting their presentation on FSA (Round 3 ))

(Winners of the Currency Quest)

Overall the event was a massive success with lots of students coming outside the campus and more importantly getting engaged throughout the duration of the event.

Mélange - The Organizing Committee

Event Name: Capture the Flag

Objective: To engage students in a series of creative and challenging activities that promote cooperation, healthy competition, and a sense of global camaraderie, all while highlighting the wonders of the world.

Outcome: This event helped in team-building challenge, which is more from a cultural perspective. It involved a series of rounds or activities that required collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills among team members. The challenges promoted teamwork, trust, and strategic thinking. The showdown, "Capture the Flag," added a competitive element to the event, emphasizing both teamwork and individual skills. Overall, the event was a combination of physical and mental challenges aimed at fostering camaraderie and unity within the participating teams.


On January 13th, the SIBM Hyderabad campus radiated with the lively atmosphere of Firande as Mélange - The Organizing Committee, directed the captivating "Capture the Flag" event at 1:00 PM. Centred around the theme "Karwaan - Around the World," the event encapsulated the spirit of global exploration, infusing the team- building challenge with excitement and cultural diversity.

(Students Participating in Potluck Challenge)

Excitement lit up the faces of participants who hailed from various cities across India. They all strategically planned the game, emphasizing the meticulous details they considered. With a total of 8 teams, each comprising 5 participants, we kicked off the game under the scorching sun, maintaining high spirits and enthusiasm. The game unfolded in 5 rounds, and the final round, Capture the Flag, was reserved for the last two teams, selected based on the fastest completion time in the previous rounds

(Students Showcasing their teamwork)

With boundless enthusiasm, the team seamlessly navigated through a series of exhilarating challenges, showcasing their resilience and teamwork. From the Donut Bash, where participants, with hands tied, leapt to grasp hanging donuts, to the Potluck challenge, requiring blindfolded members to break hanging pots guided by their teammates, each task was met with determination. The Shake it Off challenge demanded a unique skill set as members, sporting tennis ball-filled boxes tied around their waists, rhythmically shook to empty them. The team further exemplified their exceptional teamwork by holding a ball with a stick and seamlessly passing it to the next participant. This task not only required coordination and precision but also highlighted the collective strength and collaboration within the team.

The Key Puzzle Wonder tested problem-solving abilities, with the team collaborating to unlock boxes, retrieve puzzle pieces from the sand, and assemble them successfully.

(Students Participating in Key Puzzle Wonder)

The event wrapped up with a super exciting game called Capture the Flag. Each team had to defend their area while trying to grab the opponent's territory by throwing water balls at them. It needed smart planning, teamwork, and quick thinking. The teams worked together, covering each other and coming up with strategies to win. The game tested not just physical skills but also how well the teams could communicate and adapt.

(Winners and Runners Up of Capture the Flag)

The event wrapped up with the SIBM team emerging as the winners of the game, sparking excitement and cheers all around. While it marked the end of this year's activities, it also served as a spirited kickoff for the next year. The enthusiasm carried over as everyone transitioned to the DJ night, continuing the celebration with the same high spirits and energy.

InkSleuths - The Literary Committee


Event Name: The Linguistic Odyssey

Objectives: To engage students in critical thinking and collaborative learning to tackle real-world issues through engaging linguistic activities, nurturing self-reflection, peer learning, and global awareness.

Outcome: The Linguistic Odyssey demonstrated success, engaging 18 participants across all three rounds. The judges selected four participants for the third round, out of which two subsequently made it to the concluding round, where they had an intense debate competition on a global topic. The event witnessed a display of critical thinking and linguistic prowess from the participating students, who had come from various colleges based out of Hyderabad and Mumbai. Participant testimonials expressed unanimous enjoyment and appreciation, highlighting the event's significant contribution to Firande.


Dr.V K Satya Prasad, Associate Professor, Faculty In-Charge of LRC, SIBM Hyderabad, and Dr.Ridhi Rani, Assistant Professor, Faculty In-Charge of Shakti— Women Development and Social Responsibility Cell, SIBM Hyderabad, were the moderators and judges for the event.

The first round of The Linguistic Odyssey - The Hodophile - was held online from January 9–11, 2024, using Unstop as a quiz platform. The quiz consisted of 20 questions on general knowledge and current events linked to the theme of Firande 7.0, "Karwaan." A total of 47 individuals took the quiz, and 18 were shortlisted to move on to the next round.

The following three rounds took place on campus on January 12, 2024, starting at 2:00 pm. In the first offline round - Call my Bluff, the 18 participants had been divided into six teams of 3 each. Each team had to pick out two words from the dictionary, write out their correct definition, and then add two more (fake) definitions on their own. Then, teams were given the question paper prepared by another team (Hub n Spoke) in which they had to find out the correct definition. Subsequently, four teams were selected to go on to the next round.

Round 2, The Oratorical Sight was extempore. The teams were split back into individual participants, totaling twelve. They were shown a picture, were given 30 seconds to interpret it, and were then expected to speak for two minutes on the same. The moderators evaluated the participants based on their creativity, imagination, and overall interpretation of the image, and selected 4 participants for the third round.

The third round- The Ego Death, was a surprise round for the participants. The four participants were randomly paired into opposing teams through a chit-picking system. Each pair was tasked with debating two different topics assigned by the moderators, with the instruction to start with either the for or against stance, determined once again through a chit-picking process. This round proved challenging for the participants since there was a twist here: whenever the judge would say “switch”, the team which was for the motion would have to switch to against the motion and vice versa.

Finally, two participants qualified for the debate's final round. The topic for this round was- Should India support Ukraine in the war?, where both the finalists engaged in a head-to-head competition, presenting robust arguments that demonstrated their depth of general knowledge and global awareness.

All the participants and audience were very extremely indulged and enthusiastic throughout the activity. The event ended with the moderators announcing ‘Mr. Avisek Mondal’ as the winner and ‘Ms. Ambica’ as the runner-up.


(Ms. Riya Tripathi - member of InkSleuths hosting the event).

(Participants actively engaging in the event).

(Dr. V K Satya Prasad felicitating the winner).


SCEI Samarthya - The Entrepreneurship Cell



  1. Foster innovation and entrepreneurial enthusiasm by providing a platform for participants to present distinctive product and idea pitches within the tourism industry.

  2. Empower participants by offering opportunities to enhance their communication, presentation, and persuasion skills while pitching their products or services, and facilitate networking opportunities.

  3. Identify and address the specific pain points in the tourism industry of the allocated country through participant engagement.


  1. Tourism Ideas: Wanderpreneur sparked a wave of excitement for innovative solutions in tourism. Pitching sessions were fuelled by fresh ideas and a clear interest in pioneering concepts. This enthusiasm paves the way for a future where travel and hospitality are transformed by groundbreaking initiatives.

  2. Unleashing Inner Entrepreneurs: The event championed creative thinking and problem-solving, empowering participants to face challenges with confidence. By fostering a supportive environment for entrepreneurial spirit, Wanderpreneur has equipped individuals with the skills and determination to turn their ventures into reality.

  3. Innovation- The New Norm: Wanderpreneur instilled a deep understanding of the power of innovation within the tourism industry. This newfound respect creates a future where cutting-edge ideas are not just welcomed, but actively pursued and nurtured. This shift in mindset promises to revolutionize the sector, leading to the development of groundbreaking products and experiences.


Wanderpreneur, hosted by the SCEI Samarthya (E-Cell) of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management - Hyderabad on January 12th, wasn't just an event, it was an ignition for entrepreneurial minds yearning to revolutionize the tourism industry. Through a dynamic blend of online quizzes and offline business model challenges, participants embarked on a journey of exploration, identifying pain points in specific tourist destinations and crafting innovative solutions to address them.

Entrivia, the online quiz, was a thrilling first step, testing participants' knowledge and entrepreneurial instincts. Round two, "Pitch and Conquer," saw teams transform into tourism pioneers, designing captivating business models for their chosen destinations. The air crackled with creativity as they delved into identifying challenges and conjuring groundbreaking solutions. From crafting captivating pitches to meticulously designing Business Canvas Models, each team poured their passion and ingenuity into the task.


But Wanderpreneur wasn't just about competition; it was about fostering a community of budding entrepreneurs. The supportive environment nurtured communication and presentation skills, equipping participants with the tools to confidently navigate the world of pitches and persuasion. As they presented their models, a wave of excitement washed over the room, fuelled by the collective belief in the transformative power of their ideas.


The outcome- Not just a pool of innovative tourism solutions, but a generation of empowered entrepreneurs ready to conquer the industry. Wanderpreneur instilled a deep respect for innovation, paving the way for a future where cutting-edge ideas are not only welcomed, but actively pursued and nurtured. This shift in mindset promises to redefine the landscape of travel and hospitality, leading to the development of groundbreaking products and experiences that will reshape the way we explore the world.



(Tushar Pathak and Adith Anish Rajapurmath (IBS HYDERABAD)


(Aryan Mehta, Pratik Singh and Harsh Garg (SIBM HYDERABAD))

DARC- Disciplinary & Anti-Ragging Committee

Event Name: Challenge Fusion (Firande 7.0)

Objective: This event aimed to unite college students in a dynamic celebration of teamwork, creativity, and friendly competition. Through a series of exhilarating challenges, we strive to foster collaboration, showcase individual talents, and create lasting memories. The event encouraged healthy competition, emphasizing speed, precision, and versatility while maintaining a lighthearted and enjoyable atmosphere. The main goal of this event was to provide participants with an unforgettable experience that goes beyond the ordinary, promote a vibrant campus culture, and establish Challenge Fusion as an annual tradition that sparks excitement and camaraderie among students.

Outcome: Following the high-energy clashes and collaborative triumphs at Challenge Fusion, participating colleges strengthened a sense of unity among their teams, fostering lasting connections and friendships. The event's dynamic challenges not only showcased the diverse talents of students but also left behind a legacy of shared laughter and memorable experiences. As winners emerged, the campus atmosphere was infused with a spirit of healthy competition and pride, encouraging a positive culture of teamwork and achievement.


DARC-the Discipline and Anti-Ragging Club of SIBM Hyderabad conducted “Challenge Fusion” on the occasion of Firande 7.0 themed “Karwaan” – Around the World.

(Members of DARC after the successful event)

Objective of the event


Unleash the Fun, Foster Team Spirit, and Ignite Friendly Competition!


The objective of organizing “Challenge Fusion” on the occasion of Firande 7.0isto create an electrifying platform where students from diverse colleges can come together, break free from the routine, and experience an adrenaline-pumping blend of fun challenges.


Key objectives:


  1. Promoting Teamwork and Collaboration:

    1. Encourage participants to collaborate and strategize as a team to conquer each stage of the event.

    2. Fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among participants, breaking down barriers, and forming lasting connections.

  2. Celebrating Creativity and Skill:

    1. Provide a dynamic arena for participants to showcase their creativity and skill through engaging challenges like bottle flipping, balloon bursting, and word arrangement.

    2. Challenge individuals to think on their feet, adapt to various tasks, and display their unique talents.

  3. Creating Lasting Memories:

    1. Offer an unforgettable experience that goes beyond the ordinary, filled with laughter, excitement, and shared moments of triumph.

  4. Encouraging Healthy Competition:

    1. Instill a spirit of healthy competition by setting up tasks that test participants' abilities while maintaining a lighthearted and enjoyable atmosphere.

    2. Recognize and celebrate the achievements of the winning team, inspiring friendly rivalries that contribute to a positive and vibrant campus culture.

  5. Emphasizing Speed and Precision:

    1. Embrace the thrill of the race against time, as teams strive to complete challenges quickly and with precision.

    2. Highlight the importance of time management, quick decision-making, and adaptability in a competitive yet enjoyable setting.

  6. Showcasing Versatility:

    1. Provide a multi-dimensional event that combines physical dexterity, mental agility, and effective communication skills, ensuring participants face a well-rounded set of challenges.

    2. Encourage individuals to step out of their comfort zones, try new things, and discover hidden talents.

(Participants during Challenge Fusion)

(Winning team of Challenge Fusion)

(Runners-up of Challenge Fusion)

Graffiti: Arts & Creativity Club


Event Name: Pallete and paper

Objective: The objective of the "Pallete and paper" event, is to create a vibrant and inclusive artistic community. The event aims to provide a platform for students passionate about art to express their creativity, celebrate the diversity of global cultures, and showcase unique perspectives. Through challenges like 'Spinning the Wheel' and 'Craft the culture,' participants will enhance their creative skills, fostering a sense of healthy competition. The event also encourages collaboration and connection, offering students an opportunity to build lasting relationships within the SIBM community. Ultimately, "Around the World"- theme of Firande , seeks to make art an integral part of campus life, inspiring cultural curiosity, creative exploration, and community engagement.

Outcome: The event showcased a variety of creative and innovative artistic expressions, reflecting the intricate diversity of global cultures. Participants enhanced their creative abilities by taking part in engaging challenges, thereby enriching the flourishing artistic community. The event acknowledged and rewarded exceptional talent, instilling a sense of achievement and motivation among the participants. Moreover, heightened collaboration and connections were observed among students, artists, and cultural enthusiasts, leaving a lasting impact on the student body.


The Palette and Paper event, meticulously organized by the Arts and Creativity Club at SIBM Hyderabad, unfolded with vibrancy on January 12, 2024, from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm at the conventional hall on the Hyderabad Campus. The ambiance was set with a warm introduction, creating an inviting atmosphere for what promised to be an engaging and artistic session.

Participants eagerly gathered as the rules of the event were elucidated. A captivating moment ensued as a wheel, adorned with various artistic elements, was spun, revealing each participant's assigned element along with the tagline of a specific country. Building

on this exciting revelation, participants then chose a country that served as the muse for their artistic endeavors.

To ensure a seamless and enjoyable creative process, all necessary materials were thoughtfully provided to the participants. The dedicated team members of Graffiti assumed the pivotal role of Points of Contact (POCs), orchestrating the event's execution with precision.

The Palette and Paper event not only showcased individual artistic expressions but also fostered a collaborative and supportive environment. It provided a unique platform for all participants to delve into their creative instincts, resulting in a memorable and enriching experience for everyone involved.


(Guest Felicitation)

(Participants during the competition)

(Certificate distribution by the Guest)

(A masterpiece by the winners)

(Winners of Pallete& paper - Ummi Aimen, Ummi Ruman & Amaan Uddin)

(Runner up of Pallete& paper Ishita & Ankita)

(Graffiti group picture with all the participants & the Guest of honor)

All things considered, the event was a huge success, drawing a large number of students from outside the university and more importantly, keeping them interested throughout the event. Hence the overall objective of the event was definitely fulfilled and everyone enjoyed it.

Humanalaya:The Human Resources Club

Event Name: A Higher Solution by Humanalaya – the HR Club of SIBM-Hyderabad.

Objective: The objective of this event was to provide HR students with a comprehensive understanding of the significance and components of Job description, Job Specification and Cross Culture management.

Outcome: Outcome of the event was to develop the skills of participants and create effective job description, job specification and ensure that they get a deep insight about Human Resource Management as a whole



The Human Resources Club of SIBM-H, Humanalaya successfully conducted "A Higher Solution," for Firande 7.0, the Annual Cultural event of SIBM-H, featuring two engaging rounds that tested participants' skills in job profiling and cross-cultural conflict resolution on 12th January 2023 in Classroom 101 of academic block. We received 151 registrations from Unstop from all over India out of which 8 teams were qualified for round 2 and 3. The first round, Round 1, for the event, which was a quiz round, was held online and was an elimination round. The next two rounds were offline and held on campus where students from different management institutes, not only from Hyderabad but from all over India participated in the event.

In round 2 participants were assigned renowned personalities such as Builder, Cricketer, Chef etc. Their challenge was to craft a comprehensive job description and job specification tailored to the unique characteristics of their assigned personality. This round emphasized creativity, adaptability, and the ability to align job roles with individual traits.

In round 3, the teams faced a cross-cultural conflict situation. Participants had to vividly portray the problem, showcasing their understanding of cultural nuances. The highlight of this round was the enactment, where team members showcased their communication and conflict resolution skills. Solutions proposed during this round demonstrated the teams' ability to navigate complex intercultural scenarios

The Judges for both the rounds were Dr. Ridhi Rani, Assistant Professor, Human Resource, SIBM- Hyderabad and Dr.Sumalata Naidu, Assistant Professor, SIBM- Hyderabad. Department of Management studies (DoMS), NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad bagged the first position where as Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB), Pune were the Runners up of he event.

In conclusion, "A Higher Solution" proved to be a thought-provoking and dynamic event, providing participants with a platform to showcase their HR skills. The engaging rounds not only tested their knowledge but also encouraged innovative thinking in the field of human resources. The HR Club looks forward to hosting more events that challenge and nurture the talents of future HR professionnal

(Ms. Nandita Sulay, the head of Humanalaya, HR Club and Ms. Ishita Mukherjee, Deputy head, Humanalaya, HR Club)

(Dr.Sumalata Naidu, Assistant Professor, SIBM Hyderabad With Participants)

(Participants engaged in discussion for round 3)

(Participants presenting their case in front of the judges for round 3)

(The judges for the event, Dr. Riddhi Rani, Assistant Professor, Human Resource, SIBM-Hyderabad and Dr.Sumalata Naidu, Assistant Professor, SIBM-Hyderabad)

Antardhwani- The Cultural Club

EVENT 1 organised by Team AAROH

Event Name: Crescendo

Objective: The event aims to foster cultural integration, enhance individual and collective vocal skills, and promote community engagement among MBA students through a shared passion for music. By providing a stage for performance, the event's objective is to create a sense of inclusivity, diversity, and unity within the event while encouraging personal development and collaboration.

Outcome: The event will create a more culturally integrated and diverse program by providing a stage for performances that showcase and celebrate various cultural expressions through beats of music. The event will lead to individual development in vocal abilities while collectively advancing the overall singing proficiency. Also, the event enhances teamwork among students who share a common passion for music.


On the occasion of the Annual Cultural and Management Fest -Firande 2024 at the SIBM-H campus, the music vertical Aaroh of the cultural club of SIBM Hyderabad, Antardhwani organized a singing competition titled” Crescendo. In this competition, participants from various B-schools were invited to perform solo/ group musical performances.

The participants were judged based on vocal quality and pitch, stage presence, team coordination, harmonization, and song selection. The participants were evaluated by an expert panel of judges that included Mr. Saket Sai Ram music director of the Telugu film Industry and Mr. Rohit Kumr music composer.

(Campus administrator facilitating judges)

The event Crescendo was hosted in the Auditorium by Antwardhani members, Raka Roy and Piyush Sidhoni.The commencement of the event involved the campus administrator of SIBM-H, T. Venugopal Rao, honoring the judges through the presentation of a memento. The competition commenced with outstanding performances from students representing various B-schools such as IBS, NMIMS, SIBM-H, SCMS and IPE.A total of 9 teams participated in the event.

The event featured dazzling solo and group performances, filling the auditorium with the rhythmic beats of instruments and the enchanting voices of singers. The competition

proved to be a delightful auditory experience as participants showcased musical performances in diverse languages from around the world, perfectly aligning with the fest's theme, Karwan.


(Performance by team The8tric) (Performance by team Aaroh)

Out of the impressive displays of talent by nine teams, Team The8tric from NMIMS College clinched the championship, while Team Aaroh from SIBM-H secured the runner-up position. The exceptional performances of both teams captivated the hearts of the entire audience, thereby bringing the curtains down for the event Crescendo.

EVENT 2 organised by Team VIBE

Event Name: Cosmic Groove 2023

Objective: The objective of the "Comic Groove" dance competition is to celebrate the theme of "Dance Karwaan" by inviting registered teams to present a diverse array of dance forms from around the world. Embracing the theme of "Karwann," the competition aims to encourage participants to infuse a creative twist into their choreography, showcasing a blend of global dance styles. The primary goal is to provide a platform for teams to express themselves freely through rhythmic movements.

Outcome: Firande, hosted by SIBM Hyderabad, proved to be a remarkable event. It served as an exceptional opportunity, embodying the spirit of collaboration, creativity, and competitive zeal among participating B-schools. The cosmic groove competition, within Firande, not only showcased outstanding talent but also served as a vibrant platform for networking. Beyond the dance performances, it fostered a strong sense of camaraderie among management students, contributing to a memorable and enriching experience for all participants.


Antardhwani- The cultural club of SIBM Hyderabad, participated in Firande, the annual management fest of SIBM Hyderabad, on 13th January 2024. Organized by SIBM Hyderabad, Firande aimed to create a vibrant platform for students from various colleges to showcase their extraordinary talents. The event attracted diverse colleges, each contributing to the tapestry of performances that unfolded during the fest. This cross-college participation not only fostered healthy competition but also showcased the wealth of talent within the academic community.

The participating colleges delivered performances that left an indelible mark on the audience. The immense talent exhibited during Firande underscored the dedication and creativity of the students. Their acts went beyond mere presentations, creating immersive experiences that resonated with the theme "Karwaan," encapsulating diverse cultural elements from around the world.

(Hosting by Ishita and Swarnac)

The distinguished panel of judges for the event comprised Mruthyunjay, Deepshikha Prasad, and Teja Sajja, adding prestige to the occasion. Their presence reflected a commitment to recognizing and appreciating exceptional talent in the diverse field of performance arts. As esteemed judges, they played a pivotal role in evaluating the performances at Firande, bringing their expertise and discerning eye to the forefront

(Esteemed Judges Mruthyunjay, Teja Sajja and Deepshikha Prasad)

The overarching theme of "Karwaan" served as the guiding thread for the event, providing a common ground for participants to explore and express their artistic interpretations. Performances, rooted in this theme, offered a captivating journey around the world, celebrating the diversity of cultures through dance, music, and visual storytelling.

The participating colleges delivered performances that left an indelible mark on the audience. The immense talent exhibited during Firande underscored the dedication and creativity of the students. Their acts went beyond mere presentations, creating immersive experiences that resonated with the theme "Karwaan," encapsulating diverse cultural elements from around the world.


(Performance by SCMS)

Antardhwani's Vibe dance vertical shone at Cosmic Groove, clinching the top spot with an awe-inspiring performance. Their unmatched talent and artistic finesse, beautifully embodying the event's theme, captivated the audience and brought pride to the college. This first-place triumph is a clear testament to the Vibe team's dedication and pursuit of excellence, leaving a lasting impact and fostering a strong sense of unity and pride within

EVENT 3 organised by Team PANACHE

Event Name: Fusion Vogue

Objective: The primary objective of the "Fusion Vogue" is to create a dynamic platform that celebrates diversity and promotes cultural exchange through the fusion of traditional and contemporary fashion styles. The event aims to provide a vibrant and engaging space for students to express their creativity, explore cross-cultural influences, and broaden their perspectives on fashion. Through a series of fashion shows, exhibitions, and interactive sessions, participants and attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the intersectionality of fashion and culture.


Outcome: The event aspires to foster a sense of unity and mutual respect among students from diverse backgrounds, encouraging them to embrace and celebrate the uniqueness of different cultures. Additionally, "Fusion Vogue" aims to leave a lasting impact on the college community by promoting cultural awareness, tolerance, and a renewed appreciation for the global mosaic of fashion traditions.


For Firande, the flagship event of SIBM-H, Antardhwani- the cultural club had 4 events for each vertical in the club. The event for Panache, the fashion vertical, was ‘Fusion Vogue’.Various colleges in Hyderabad like IBS, College of Horticulture, and SCMS took part in this event and displayed performances based on the theme ‘Karwaan’. There were 3 judges to judge the event and declare an appropriate winner.

This competition sparked creative minds to think and showcase strong themes using fashion as their canvas. This event was given a kickstart by the energetic anchors who helped hype up the atmosphere. The first team was from SCMS who started off the competition with a lively spirit, followed by our own college SIBM-H who delivered an immensely powerful performance by circling sensitive and taboo topics in our society that forced the judges and spectators to watch them in awe.

(Team from SIBM-H)

The third team was IBS, this team was determined to showcase a performance that left the audience speechless and sent a shiver down everyone’s spine, while they narrated a tale of unfairness in society.


(Team from IBS)

Then came the college of Horticulture which came forward with the concept of different avatars of a goddess. They entranced the audience with striking and vibrant visuals.

The winners for this event were IBS followed by the runners up for the event SIBM-H All the performances were amazingly portrayed and a fun cultural night took place that enabled all the spectators and participants to enjoy equal.


7-PM - The Marketing Club


Event Name: Mar-vellers


The overarching goal of the entire competition was to extend a warm welcome to teams representing diverse institutions such as Tapmi, Wellingkar, NMIMS, and IMT, among others, with the aim of fostering both a competitive spirit and teamwork. The competition featured distinct rounds strategically crafted to assess participants' marketing acumen in the most innovative manner possible. The initial round served as an elimination quiz, evaluating the marketing and business knowledge of participants. The subsequent round gauged participants' sales pitch skills, while the final round comprised three sub- rounds. The first sub-round, themed Firande-'Karwaan,' required teams to deduce a destination by deciphering a clue, paving their way to the next segment called Brand War. In this stage, teams engaged in debates, focusing on brands within the same industry. This round identified the top 5 finalists, who were then evaluated based on their impromptu pitching skills


Outcome: The exciting finale of this competition was evident in the enthusiasm and gratitude shown by the participating teams. The competition's well-thought-out design, with its creative rounds, offered teams a fun yet challenging experience. It provided a unique opportunity for teams to explore the world of marketing in a fresh and engaging way.


7PM The Marketing Club of SIBM Hyderabad, conducted Mar-vellers event as a part of Firande 2024 at the Lecture Theatre 3:30 P.M-6 P.M Himanshu Dogney and Abhimanyu Nasa moderated the whole event along with their teammates as POCs. The event was judged by Dr. Tanmoy De (Assistant Professor, Marketing- SIBM Hyderabad)

(Dr. Tanmoy De Judging the event)

(Finalists of round 3 with 7PM team)

Moderating the Event:

(7PM Team members moderating the event)


  • The final round allowed a team of minimum two and maximum 3 members.

  • For the first level of round 3, the teams were not allowed the use of any gadget, resulting in any form of aid in solving the clues.

  • The second level of the competition comprised of a brand war, in which the teams were given 15 minutes of preparation time, and were allowed the use of gadgets to research on their company as well as the opposing company.

  • The team were given 5 minutes of presentation time which was further bifurcated in 2 minutes for opening statement, 1 minute for debate and 2 minutes for closing statement by each team

  • The third level of the round comprised of 5 teams who qualified the second level

  • In this the teams were given a hypothetical company and a challenge which they had to solve on the spot with a preparation time of 3 minutes and presentation time of 2 minutes. No gadget support was allowed in this round

(Teams playing the game)

MessComm-The Mess Committee

Event Name: Hunger’ sat Steak

Objective: To organize anevent where students can havefun, show case their culinary skills, and express their creativity with food.

Outcome: This event has helped the students to get to know the mess committee team better, showcase their cooking skills and had promoted a healthy competitive team spirit. It has also foster new relationships between students from different colleges.


MessComm, the Mess Committee of SIBM Hyderabad, conducted Hunger’s at Steak as part of the FIRANDE 7.0 for the students of various colleges on 13thJanuary 2024 in the Student Mess at 3:00PM. The event was moderated by the Head of MessComm along with the team members.


(Judges tasting dishes)


(A team during the event)

(A team with their dishes)

There were a total of 8 teams and students were divided in to teams of 3-5people.Each team was given a mystery box which had a unique ingredient with a time limit of 1.5 hours to cook and present their dishes to the judges. They were asked to make the unique ingredients hero of their dish. Before the start of the event, each team was given 5 minutes to strategize their dishes and Collect ingredients from the pantry. The POC of each team remained with them throughout and ensured that rules of the game were followed. At the end, a winning and runner up Team were declared.


(Mess Comm’s Head and Second-in-command)

(A team preparing dishes during the event)

All teams performed with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Everyone followed the instructions. The event turned out to be a huge success. They enjoyed some healthy competition, some team bonding and left with full happy stomachs as everyone was asked to eat the dishes they prepared also the winner got the cash prize of Rs.10000 & runner up Rs. 5000. Participation certificates were also provided to the participants.

OP$-ERA- The Operations club



Event Name: Auctioneer’s Arsenal

Objective: The Operations Club's event at SIBM's Fest, Firande, aims to give players an all-around experience that assesses and improves their conceptual understanding, problem- solving ability, and capacity for negotiation in the context of operations and supply chain management. Through three distinctive rounds, the competition aims to simulate real-world challenges faced by professionals in these domains, allowing participants to apply their theoretical understanding to practical scenarios. The game's multifaceted design guarantees thorough assessment of the teams' talents, creating an atmosphere that promotes strategic thinking, efficient communication, and adaptation in a changing corporate environment.

Outcome: As the competition comes to an end, competitors will have learned more about supply chain management and operations from a practical standpoint. Along with providing difficulties, the game offers a platform for collaboration as well as networking. The best teams demonstrate their capacity to handle challenging situations, engage in productive negotiations, and provide tactical supply chain solutions. It is a valuable experience that equips players for real-world difficulties in the dynamic and ever-changing field of supply chain management and operations.



OP$-ERA, the Operations club of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad organized “Auctioneer’s Arsenal” event for the Firande fest on 12th January, 2024 for under- graduate and post-graduate students from all-over India.

The rounds and the event flow revolved around the theme: KARWAAN - Around the World.

  • Round 1: Online Quiz

  • Round 2: Procurement Simulation

  • Round 3: Auction

The three-round Operations Club game at Firande is an exciting and varied tournament. Teams demonstrate their conceptual understanding and problem-solving abilities in the Unstop platform-hosted Online Quiz, with the best ones moving forward. Teams participate in the Procurement Simulation Challenge, which immerses them in authentic procurement circumstances and tests their communication and negotiation abilities through real-time email exchanges with suppliers. In the third round, The Auction, the top 5 teams bid on the slot timings and case lets to present. Then, Teams present their strategies to the panel; The judge makes the ultimate decision. Operations Club game transforms players beyond the winner's podium by providing them with sharpened skills and practical insights, thereby equipping future leaders for the dynamic challenges of supply chain and operations.

Round-1 (QUIZ)

This online round utilizes Unstop platform, featuring set of questions for teams to answer within a specified time limit. The top teams with the highest correct answers progress to the next campus round. The quiz evaluates participants' conceptual knowledge and problem- solving skills.

The online quiz on Unstop platform was conducted from 5th January 2024 to 10th January 2024.

Using the Unstop platform, the online quiz of Operations Club game gives individuals a digital stage on which to demonstrate their strategic thinking. Participants answer a carefully chosen series of questions that are intended to evaluate their conceptual knowledge and problem- solving abilities in the areas of supply chain management and operations, both in terms of breadth and depth.

Teams compete in a cognitive sprint, showcasing their ability to manoeuvre through theoretical complexities and apply knowledge to real-world situations, all within the constraints of a predetermined time limit. The questions push participants to think critically and analytically by acting as a litmus test for their understanding of basic ideas. As a digital battlefield is created, the teams with the best scores—those with the most accurate responses—win the right to go on to the next round of competition, which is the campus round.

(Team OP$-ERA with Participants)

In essence, the online quiz becomes a crucible for evaluating and sieving participants based on their conceptual knowledge and problem-solving prowess, setting the stage for the subsequent rounds where these adept minds will further be tested in real-world simulations and strategic challenges.


The Procurement Simulation Challenge in Firande’ s Operations Club event serves as a pivotal and dynamic round, immersing participating teams in a lifelike procurement scenario that scrutinizes their negotiation and communication skills. Teams enter this intense phase; each assigned the ambitious task of procuring a specific product. However, the challenge lies not only in the acquisition of the product but in the strategic navigation of negotiations to secure favourable terms from potential suppliers.

In this simulation, teams engage in live email negotiations, mirroring real-world procurement dynamics. The complexity of the challenge is heightened as teams aim to collect all seven critical terms to ensure a comprehensive and well-rounded procurement strategy. These terms include:

  1. Lead time

  2. Quality grade

  3. MOU (Minimum order Quantity)

  4. Cold storage packaging

  5. Sustainability considerations

  6. Contract period

  7. Price.

Negotiating these seven terms requires a delicate balance of strategic thinking, effective communication, and adaptability. Teams must gather information meticulously, demonstrating their ability to interact with suppliers, assess product specifications, and articulate their requirements convincingly.

Teams compete as they work through these talks, demonstrating their skill in obtaining advantageous terms that meet their goals and industry norms. Only the best teams, skilled at putting together effective and comprehensive procurement strategies, was granted the opportunity to go to the final round.

(Supplier Team)

Round-as3 (AUCTION)

In the final round, a strategic arena where teams must navigate the complex worlds of supply chain planning and strategy.

Teams compete in an auction to bid on the case lets with different supply chain concepts and also bid on the timings for preparation. The dynamic nature of this bidding process is reflected in its reflection of the real-world difficulties in making decisions under time restrictions and budgetary, logistical, and quality assurance constraints.

Teams using the bid-based strategy must make wise decisions in order to effectively manage their budget and obtain the best case let with a long preparation time.


(Participant bidding for the Case)

Teams were given time for preparing their case and asked to present in front of the judge for 5 mins. Judge questioned each team for 5 mins and evaluated them based on certain criteria

(Team Prime thinkers from IIM, Nagpur presenting their strategy)

The presentation, when each team presents their strategy to the panel, is an essential component of this last round. This phase evaluates the teams' communication skills in explaining the reasoning behind their decisions in addition to their ability to design a well-thought-out plan and strategy. The judge’s decision is considered final.

(Judge for the day Mr. Riazuddin Mohammed, CoFounder of CyFrone)

(Team OP$-ERA with the Judge)

Pratibimb - The Photography Club

Event Name: Worldscape

Objective: The competition was designed to welcome teams from diverse institutions such as IPE ,NMIMS and IMT fostering both a competitive spirit and teamwork within the realm of photography. It comprised distinct rounds strategically crafted to assess participants' photography acumen. The initial round was a quiz focusing on props, testing participants' knowledge of photographic elements. The subsequent round gauged photo composition skills through a treasure hunt-style challenge where teams found clues and captured creative photos with specific styles and accompanying snippets. The final round involved creating reels within a given time, adding an element of dynamic storytelling to the competition.

In the first sub-round, Firande-'Karwaan,' teams deciphered clues to reach a destination, leading to the Photoshoot Quest segment. Here, the teams engaged in a treasure hunt-style challenge, capturing unique and creative photos based on specific themes and challenges within the given destination. The final phase introduced an additional objective, tasking teams with creating a collaborative reel exhibit that showcased their journey, emphasizing individual talents and the importance of teamwork in the field of photography. Overall, the competition provided a dynamic platform for photography enthusiasts to showcase their skills, collaborate across institutions, and navigate creative challenges in a treasure hunt-style format.


Outcome: The thrilling conclusion of this photography competition was unmistakable in the enthusiasm and gratitude expressed by the participating teams. The meticulously designed competition, featuring imaginative rounds, delivered a blend of excitement and challenge that made the experience both enjoyable and demanding for the teams.

It presented a distinctive opportunity for teams to immerse themselves in the world of photography, offering a fresh and engaging perspective. Through creative exploration and skillful challenges, the competition provided a unique platform for teams to showcase their photographic acumen in a dynamic and inspiring manner.


Pratibimb the Photography Club of SIBM Hyderabad, conducted WORLDSCAPE event as a part of Firande 2024 at the Lecture Theatre from 10:30 A.M. - 12:50 P.M. Navya moderated the whole event along with their teammates as POCs. The event was judged by Head and Deputy Head Madhura Joshi and Jeema Harshan respectively.

Finalists of round 3 with Pratibimb team


Moderating the Event: Team members moderating the event Teams playing the game


  • Team Composition:

Each team should consist of a minimum of two and a maximum of three members.

  • Clues and Challenges:

Participants will be provided with a series of clues and riddles related to famous songs, movie scenes, and internet memes.

Clues guide participants to specific locations in the city.

  • The Mystery Unveiled:

After solving a clue, teams receive the name of a place but not its exact location. Teams must use their wits and knowledge to deduce the next destination.

  • Capture the Moment:

Upon reaching a destination, teams must take a photograph capturing the essence of the location's uniqueness.

A hidden chit with the next clue will be found at each location.

  • The Next Stop:

After deciphering the chit's message, teams must guess the next stop based on provided clues and instructions.

Teams then head to the new location and repeat the process.

  • Time Constraints:

Competitors will have a limited amount of time to complete each challenge, ensuring the game remains exciting and competitive.

  • Time Limit for Reel Making:

Teams must conceptualize, shoot, and edit their reels within the given time frame.

  • Judging Criteria:

Reels will be evaluated based on creativity, storytelling, cinematography, and adherence to the given them

  • Equipment and Support:

Teams are required to use their own equipment for shooting and editing. No external support or gadgets are allowed during the reel-making process.

  • Submission:

Completed reels must be submitted within the stipulated time

CoRe, the Cell of Research



Event Name: Global Ethos Quest (Firande)


  • To Cultivate problem-solving skills amongst participants.

  • To guide how to integrate Business ethics knowledge with real-world scenarios.

  • Instil a research-oriented environment and enhance participants' critical thinking abilities.


  • Development of critical thinking abilities as participants prepare caselets by evaluating data, assessing the validity of arguments, and drawing well-founded conclusions.

  • Improved ability to analyse real-world scenarios and identify ethical dilemmas, proposing solutions that align with ethical principles.

  • Enhanced collaboration and teamwork as participants work together to tackle complex problems.


CoRe, the Cell of Research of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad organized “Global Ethos Quest” for the Firande fest on 12th January 2024 for under-graduate and post-graduate students from pan India.

The rounds and the event flow revolved around the theme of Firande; Around the World. Round 1: Ethical Escape Room

Round 2: Cultural Caselet competition

The "Global Ethos Quest" event unfolded with two engaging rounds that seamlessly integrated online and offline participation.

In Round 1, challenged participants in a virtual environment with thought-provoking caselets, assessing their ethical reasoning and problem-solving skills. Conducted online, this round facilitated widespread participation.

Round 2, at the esteemed SIBM campus, immersed participants in targeted research on countries and their thriving industries. Analysing one major issue per assignment, participants honed their analytical, research, and presentation skills. The innovative fusion of online and offline elements enriched the event, fostering a dynamic experience in line with the overarching theme, "Around the World."

Round 1 (Escape Ethical Room)

Round 1 of the "Global Ethos Quest" used the "Ethical Escape Room" as a virtual arena to assess participants' capacity for ethical reasoning and problem-solving. This round offered a special chance to engage in situations that mirrored actual ethical dilemmas encountered in a variety of industries. After reading a thought-provoking caselet, participants were prompted to analyse the intricate situation and think about its ethical ramifications. Competitors focused on research skills and carefully reviewed the caselet, gaining knowledge from industry standards, ethical frameworks, and literature. By encouraging critical inquiry and a research-driven technique in solving ethical problems—a necessary ability in real-world professional situations—this approach sought to close the gap between academic understanding and practical application.

(Some of the participants of Round 1)

Rules for Round 1:

  1. Participates need to login from their registered email id

  2. The participants had to keep their cameras on throughout the round

  3. They were given 1 hr 30 min to mail the solutions of the caselet on the CoRe official mail ID

Round 2 (Cultural Caselet Competition)

(Anchors for the day)

In Round 2 of the "Global Ethos Quest," the event expanded its thematic scope to "Around the World," aligning with the college fest Firande's overarching theme. Conducted offline at the prestigious SIBM campus, participants immersed themselves in a global setting, assigned specific countries to explore their most lucrative industries. This unique approach fostered cross-cultural awareness, requiring in-depth research on the assigned nation, its leading industry, and identification of a critical problem. Reflecting Firande's theme, the round captured the essence of cultural diversity and global interconnectedness, giving the small campus event a broader context. The emphasis on global thinking enriched research, problem- solving, and cross-cultural interaction, weaving a tapestry that complemented Firande's "Around the World" concept.

(Participants of Round 2)

Rules for Round 2:

  1. Teams will randomly draw chits to determine their assigned country and its most prominent revenue-generating industry.

  2. Use of online resources is limited to search engines only.

  3. AI tools or other advanced research methods are prohibited.

  4. Teams must identify and research the biggest current problem in their assigned industry.

  5. Develop a brief case study (caselet) encapsulating the key aspects and proposed solutions for the identified problem.

  6. The caselet should not exceed 2 pages in length.

  7. Teams must prepare a short PowerPoint presentation to accompany their caselet.

  8. Each presentation is limited to a maximum of 10 minutes.

  9. Presentations will be evaluated based on the quality and depth of research, problem-solving skills, creativity, and clarity of presentation.

(Judge for the day Dr. KDV Prasad)

(Team CoRe)

(Team-8 (WINNERS))

(Team-10 (RUNNER-UPS))