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Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad has always been in forefront when it comes to Industry-Academia Interaction. Strengthening this initiative further, the Corporate Interaction Cell (CIC) of SIBM H has conducted “COLLOQUIUM: HR Conclave” at Hyderabad campus which was a two-day event, with 16 HRs from renowned companies to converge and deliberate on a range of topics.

The Corporate Interaction Cell is a prominent student body of our college where our objective is to connect with the corporate community and provide students with an exponential learning experience.

It was a moment filled with pride to have Dr. T.V Rao, Founder and Father of NHRD, as the Chief Guest for the event. Mr. Sushanta Ganguly, VP and Head – Corporate HR of L&T Metro Rail Ltd, Hyderabad, graced the event as Guest of Honour.

Day 1 of the event kicked off with traditional lighting the lamp followed by the first session of the day. Mr.Sushanta Ganguly, commenced the event he gave us a reality check about what the industry expects. Then, we had Dr. T.V Rao, who spoke about how "To make a Difference", and he also spoke about different types of Managers – Followers, Achievers, Visionaries, and Missionaries. Dr. Rajkumar Pillay, delivered the Vote of Thanks and he was thankful to Dr.T.V. Rao and Mr.Sushanta Ganguly for taking out time from their busy schedule and accepting the invite to attend the Conclave

Traditional Lamp Lighting Ceremony at SIBM
Traditional Lamp Lighting Ceremony

The third speaker of the day was Ms. Pratyusha Sharma, Senior Director – HR, Cognizant; who spoke on “Employee Engagement: As a Strategy”. Then we had Ms. Vanita Datla, Vice Chairperson and Managing Director of Elico, who spoke about Women Empowerment, the discrimination and the problems women face during their careers and also in their personal lives. She gave us six “ups” of being a leader – Show up, Speak up, Look up, Team Up, Don’t give up and Lift others up. The Final speaker for the day was Mr. Aniruddha Dasu, Global HR Operations Head of Virtusa Polaris. He spoke on “Importance of Performance Management System, fairness and transparency to retain employees”. He has given his perspective about why we should re consider our methods of performance appraisals, arguments against it and how to reinvent rating distribution.

Following the Speeches, we had two very interesting and engaging Panel Discussions, one with the Guest Panellists who were HR Professionals and one with our own students. The Guest Panellists included Mr. Sunil Deshpande (VP – HR, Reliance Jio), Mr. Heinzsten R Peter (Senior Manager – HR, Volvo), Ms. Aparna Reddy (Associate Director HR, Talent Acquisition, and GVK Bioscience) and Ms. Pratyusha Sharma (Senior Director – HR, Cognizant). The theme of their panel discussion was “Women Empowerment: Focus on Women in Communication; remove the concept of “Glass Ceiling Effect” and Equal Pay for women till 2020. The Panel after a deep discussion, agreed on that there was no Glass Ceiling, and if there was, there have been women, who have not only broken or splintered it, but have completely shattered it. The second Panel for the day included, Ms. Khyati Mishra, Mr. Himanshu Satpute, Ms. Ananta Razdana, Mr. Prateek Agarwal, Ms. Debarpita Das and Mr. Waste Omar Khan. The panel had impressed all of the HRs, who was a part of the audience. The theme for the student panel discussion was “In Pursuit of a Strong Performance Management System”. Both of the panels were moderated by Ms. Praia Iyengar, Corporate Lawyer and Arbitrator, Founding Partner, Compass Law Associates.

Traditional Lamp Lighting Ceremony at SIBM
Faculties and Guests

Day 2 of the event started with great enthusiasm. The first speaker on Day 2 was Mr. Anand Pillai, Managing Director of Leadership Matters Inc, who spoke on “Disruptive HR Technology and their impact on Business and People”. The second speaker for the day was Mr. A.M Rao, VP Corporate, Satyam Ventures Engineering Services Pvt Ltd. He spoke on “Relationship between Corporate Culture and Employee Satisfaction Level”. He has stressed on the importance of Integrity, how one cannot copy culture and its important qualities. The third speaker for the day, Mr. Amit Pandey, Senior Director, VP, Head – Procurement, SCM, HR, and Admin, Tikona Digital Pvt Ltd, spoke on “Campus to Corporate”. He has given an important formula, “success = failure^n”. The final speaker for the day was Dr. Suresh Kumar K, VP HR of Aurobindo Pharma. He spoke on “Employee Relations: Imperatives”. He had spoken the pertinent issues that are faced in IR and wrong sight of HR, where focus is on Psychology of people rather than analysis of men and work.

HR Conclave session at SIBM
Session in Progress

After the speeches there was two panel discussions scheduled for the day. The first panel discussion consisted of Guest Panellists, who were Mr. Raghava Avvari (Deputy General Manager HR, IBM), Mr. Emmanuel Gosula (Head – Resource Development, EPAM), Mr. Ramesh Mantana (Senior Business Partner HR, Infosys) and Ms. Priya Iyengar (Corporate Lawyer and Arbitrator, Founding Partner, Compass Law Associates). The theme of their discussion was “Invention with Purpose: Channeling personal passion into work to get maximum outcome; Smart Placement of Employees according to their personal passion”. They had reiterated how important it is to understand the employee’s passion, but also how difficult it is to handle the same in a large organization. The second panel discussion consisted of student panellists ; Mr. Sheikh Muhammad Taahir, Ms. Sowmya Vadlamanati, Mr. Pranay Rajani, Ms. Sana Nazneen, and Mr. Achal Shah. The theme of their discussion was “Evolving Roles of HRs in the Contemporary World”.

The event ended with a Vote of Thanks given by Mr. Kartik Jhanwar who expressed his gratitude to the faculty, clubs and volunteers for supporting the event. He expressed special thanks to Dr. Rajkumar Pillay, Head of Student Affairs, SIBM-H for being ever so supportive and guiding towards the right path. Director of SIBM-H, Dr. R.K Jain concluded the event by voicing that he was proud of all students and students of SIBM-H would make fine managers in the future.

Volunteers and Student Panelists at SIBM
Volunteers and Student Panelists

Enthusiastic and Attentive Audience at SIBM
Enthusiastic and Attentive Audience