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Nukkad Natak - 2022


Event Name: Nukkad Natak on “Prevention on Sexual Harassment”

Objectives: The objective of the event was to spread awareness about the consequences and challenges faced due to Sexual Harassment.

Outcomes: The students were highly engaged in the various emotions that were displayed in the street play. It had a much larger impact since it was visually depicted and left a mark on everybody. Through the play, they understood the various kinds of Sexual Harassment faced by all genders of society and became much more socially conscious and sensitive towards such issues.


Shakti, the Women Development and Social Responsibility Cell of SIBM Hyderabad, along with SCMS Hyderabad and SLS Hyderabad collaborated with Team Abhinay from Antardhwani to bring out a thought-provoking and engaging “Nukkad Natak” on the 7th of December 2022. The aim of the event was to spread awareness about the “Prevention of Sexual Harassment” which is regarded as a burning issue in the present times and there is a need to educate the young generation about appropriate behaviour, the right touch, and how to prevent and tackle incidents related to Sexual Harassment.

Team Abhinay from Antardhwani along with student volunteers from SCMS, Hyderabad

The event started with the members of the play showcasing various instances of Sexual Harassment faced in all walks of life irrespective of gender. It educated the audience on the importance of consent, the available helplines, and the various laws and acts governing the protection of individuals against Sexual Harassment, to name a few.

Nukkad Natak team in action

The members of the street play displayed varied emotions delivering an impactful message to the audience. It gave the students a glimpse of the harsh realities faced by individuals who are victims of Sexual Harassment and urged them to be the change and stand up against such atrocities.

Team Abhinay expressing and depicting various instances of Sexual Harassment

The students were engrossed in the act and learnt the essence of the theme of the act from Team Abhinay.