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Pitch Perfect 2.0


Event Name: PITCH PERFECT 2.0


1. To facilitate innovation and entrepreneurial spirit by offering a platform for participants to pitch their products and ideas, fostering a culture of creativity and business acumen.

2. To facilitate the participants a chance to pitch their products, enhancing their communication, presentation, and persuasion skills, and building connections with industry experts.


1. Cultivation of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Mindset: Increased participation and engagement in pitching ideas.

2. Encouragement of creative thinking and problem-solving among participants.

3. Establishment of a culture that values innovation and entrepreneurial endeavours.

4. Enhanced Skills and Networking Opportunities:

5. Improved communication, presentation, and persuasion skills among participants.

6. Greater confidence in public speaking and articulating ideas effectively.

The Report:

SCEI Samarthya, the entrepreneurship cell of SIBM Hyderabad, recently hosted an event called "Pitch Perfect 2.0". Aspiring student entrepreneurs were allowed to showcase their innovative business ideas during the event. The atmosphere was filled with passion, creativity, and a fierce drive for success, making it a thrilling experience for all. "Pitch Perfect 2.0" was an excellent platform for highlighting the entrepreneurial spirit among the students and was a great success.

In the lead-up to the sensational 'Pitch Perfect 2.0' event on December 22nd, our strategic PR campaign was designed to build anticipation and engagement across platforms:

1. Instagram Story for Online Competition Registration: We utilized Instagram stories to promote the registration for the upcoming online competition round 1 for 'Pitch Perfect.' This dynamic approach encouraged participation and involvement in the extended program.

2. Instagram Story Teaser (December 20th): Two days before the event, SCEI posted an engaging Instagram story. This sneak peek offered a glimpse into the upcoming event, creating a buzz and piquing the curiosity of our audience.

3. Post-Event Reel (December 26th): On December 26th, immediately following the event, we released an Instagram Reel. This visual showcase provided a captivating overview of the event, featuring key moments and highlights that resonated with our audience.

4. LinkedIn Photo Series (Multiple Posts): On LinkedIn, we shared a series of six photos, each accompanied by insightful captions. This series aimed to showcase the essence of 'Pitch Perfect 2.0,' highlighting the innovation, passion, and collaborative spirit that defined the event.
These multifaceted initiatives were orchestrated to not only promote the event itself but to sustain its impact beyond the date. By leveraging Instagram and LinkedIn features strategically, we created a narrative that resonated across diverse audiences.
"Pitch Perfect 2.0" was a huge success, highlighting the skills and potential of the student entrepreneurs in our college. By emphasizing innovation, collaboration, and mentorship, the event has established the groundwork for a prosperous entrepreneurial community within our institution. We are eager to witness the next iteration of "Pitch Perfect 2.0" and the exciting business ventures that will be brought to life!



Felicitation of guest

Speech by Mr. Venkateswara Rao Annapragada



Team E-Cell with Mr. Sri Yogi and Mr. Venkateswara Rao Annapragada

Winner of the event

Runners-up of the event.