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Research Publications – 2019

SNO Title of Research Paper Journal Name Indexed in  Name of the Authors Month
1 Determinants of profitability of Indian commercial banks Indian Journal of Finance Scopus Dr. Ravi Kumar Jain,
Dr. Kuntamalla  Venugopala Rao, Dr. Bhimaraya Metri
2 Persistence of calendar Anomalies: Insights and perspectives ON Month of the year effect in Indian stock markets Journal of advanced Research in dynamical & control systems Scopus Dr. Meher Shiva Tadepalli & Dr. Ravi Kumar Jain 2
3 Persistence of calendar anomalies: Insights and perspectives on Month of the year effect in Indian Stock Markets New Zealand Journal Applied Business Research (Manukau Institute of Technology New Zealand,  scopus Dr. Ravi Kumar Jain,
Mr. Tadepalli Srinivas
4 An Exploratory Study on the Factors Effecting Showrooming and Reverse Showrooming in Indian Electronics Retail European Journal of Social Sciences Ebsco Dr. Saradhi Kumar Gonela, Dr. Rajkumar D Pillay, Archit Maheshwary, Sudesh N S 3
5 ICTs in Governance – A case study of GHMC in Telangana International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology ICI Dr. Sunil B,
Dr.Shyamsunder Chitta, Mr. Hariprasad Ramprasad Soni 
6 Integrity & Relationships: Mantra for Success Asian Journal of Professional Ethics & Management Google Scholar A Jaganmohan  Reddy 4
7 Entrepreneurship Development in India problems and prospects Restaurant Business scopus Dr.Shyamsunder Chitta,
Dr. Sunil.B
8 DIL for HR: The Need of the Hour Anusandhan-Science Technology & Management Journal UGC care listed Dr. A Jagan Mohan Reddy,
Dr. Sangeeta Jauhari
9 Trust and risk perspectives of high value brands Academy of Marketing Studies Journal
Volume 23, Issue 3
ABDC-C Dr. .Laeequddin,
Dr. Ramakrishna Dikkatwar
10 Financial Soundness of Maharatna Companies: Application of Altman Z Score Model Indian Journal of finance scopus Dr.Shyamsunder Chitta,
Dr Ravi Kumar Jain,
Mr. R Sriharsha
11 Peer group learning : A Pedagogic Method for Higher education IJITEE Scopus Dr. Rajkumar Pillay,
Dr. Mohammed Laeequddin
12 Social Marketing Techniques in Community Radio Practices International journal  of innovative technology and Exploring Engineering Scopus Dr. Shyam Sunder Chitta,
Prof. Hariprasad Soni,
Prof. Sunil.B
13 Technology for Sustainable HRM. An Empirical Research for Health Care Sector IJITEE Scopus Dr. A.Jaganmohan Reddy,
Dr. Ridhi Rani
14 Innovations & Technology Based Initiatives in Mutual Fund Distribution Intermediation in India International journal  of innovative technology and Exploring Engineering scopus Dr. Ramakrishna Dikkatwar,
Dr.Tanmoy De,
Dr. Satyaprasad VK