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Research Publications – 2020

Sl. No Title of Research Paper Journal Name Indexed in Name of the Authors Month
1 Cascading effect of Boeing’s 737 Max technology Development International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering Scopus Dr. Saradhi
Dr. Mohammed Laeequddin,
Dr. Ramkrishna Dikkatwar,
Mr. Sudesh N S
2 Value relevance of accounting information: A study of pre and post implementation of Indian Accounting Standards Journal of Social Sciences Scopus Dr. Venugopala Rao. K.P,
Prof. Farha Ibrahim
3 The Toxic Boss: Dealing with Abusive Supervisor Studies in Indian Place Names UGC care listed Dr. Ridhi Rani,
Ms. Sadhana Singh
4 “Reading ease of Mission statements – A comparative study of Indian and Global Pharmaceutical Companies” Our Heritage Journal UGC Care listed Dr. Tanmoy,
Dr. Ramakrishna Dikkatwar
5 Does ownership structure, size and age influence firm’s geographical &channel focus with respect to retail investors? Evidences from mutual fund companies in India TEST Engineering and Management Scopus Dr. RamKrishna Dikkatwar,
Dr.Tanmoy De
6 Social Media Consumption among Post Graduate Students TEST Engineering and Management Scopus Dr. Satyaprasad VK,
Mr. Abhinav Sinha
7 Data and Its Acuities  International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Scopus Prof. Hariprasad Soni
Dr. Rajkumar Pillay,
Dr. Sathya prasad V K
8 Review of SMEs Risk Identification and Management: Insight for Future Research Test Engineering and Management Scopus Sonali Bagade , Dr. Ravi Kumar Jain 5
9 Corona: A wakeup Call from Nature Journal of Critical Reviews Scopus Dr. A Jaganmohan Reddy , Ved Srinivas, Dr. Ridhi Rani 5
10 Nature of and Solutions for Unemployment in India due to COVID-19 and Possible Solutions: An Exploratory Study Test Engineering and Management Scopus Dr. Saradhi Kumar Gonela, N S Sudesh 6
11 Funding Landscape and Gap Analysis for Pharmaceutical MSMEs in Hyderabad Small Enterprise Development and Management Extension World Cat, Google Scholar, Euro Pub, Sindex, UGC Approved,  Dr. Shyamsunder Chitta, Dr. Ravi Kumar Jain, Bhimaraya E Metri 6
12 Business through turbulent times & debt pile up SHODH SARITA Google Scholar Dr. A Jaganmohan Reddy, Ved Srinivas, Dr. Ridhi Rani 9
13 Telecom in India in 2017: Uncertainty Calling Asian Journal of Management Cases Scopus Dr. Ravi Kumar Jain, Dr. Saradhi Kumar Gonela, Raghavendra BT 9
14 Predicting patient satisfaction from inpatient hospital laboratory services with the help of Logistic Regression Approach Annals of Tropical Medicine and Public Health (discontinued) Scopus Mr. Ankit Singh , Debjyoti Sen Kanungo, Dr. Jagadeesha Marigowda, Ms. Neha Kamlesh Ahire, Dr. Venkata Durga Rao Pulipati 12
15 Celebrity Investors and the Success of Crowd funding Campaigns Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising ABDC- C & Scopus Arpita Agnihotri , Saurabh Bhattacharya, Dr. Satya Prasad V K 12