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Women’s day celebration


Event Name: Women’s day celebration

Objective:Celebrate Women's Day by engaging participants in cultural and fun activities to honor their contributions and foster community spirit.

Outcome:: A strengthened sense of community and joy among participants through creative expressions, friendly competition, and recognition.


Shakti: Women Development and Social Responsibility Cell, in collaboration with IKSHANA (SCMS), organized a series of fun-filled events on 1st March 2024, to mark the celebration of International Women's Day. The day was dedicated to honoring and engaging women in a variety of activities that promoted creativity, joy, and community spirit. The celebration unfolded in two primary phases, each designed to bring out the best in the participants and create a memorable day. The first phase of the event kicked off with a Rangoli competition. This competition allowed participants to dive into their artistic sides, showcasing their talent and cultural heritage through vibrant and intricate designs. The enthusiasm and creativity displayed during the Rangoli competition set a festive tone for the day, celebrating the essence and vibrancy women bring to our lives.

(Rangoli competition taking place)

TThe second phase of the event featured a Lemon and Spoon race, designed to engage participants in a spirited competition. The activity, filled with laughter and cheers, underscored the sense of togetherness and celebration among the attendees.

(Participation in lemon and spoon competition)

Following the Lemon and Spoon race, a cake-cutting ceremony celebrated unity and joy, highlighting the shared achievements of participants. The event continued with a prize distribution for the race and Rangoli competition winners, acknowledging their talent and participation.

(cake cutting celebration taking place)

The celebration concluded with each attendee receiving a cake, snack box, and bedsheet as tokens of appreciation, encapsulating a day of joy and creativity. Shakti and IKSHANA's International Women's Day event underscored the significance of recognizing women's contributions, fostering a memorable day of laughter, creativity, and community spirit.