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Induction Program 2024-26


Event Name: Induction Program

Objective:To introduce the students with the institute and the campus of SIBM Hyderabad

Outcome:Students got oriented about the institute, the academic, rules and regulations of the institute, and the facilities provided and the protocols they need to follow in the campus.


Dauntless, The Sports and Wellness Committee of SIBM - Hyderabad, organized a weeklong captivating yoga event for batch 2024-2026 students for the Induction week. The event aimed to promote holistic well-being and foster a balanced lifestyle through the practice of yoga. The sessions were led by experienced yoga instructors, ensuring a rejuvenating and enlightening experience for all participants.

Day 1:10th June 2024

The students of the batch of 2024-2026 were given a warm welcome on the first day of the Induction program. The event started at 10.00 a.m. by asserting the motto of Symbiosis International University “Vasudhaiva Kudumbakam”, where the world is one family. The event was inaugurated by honouring the esteemed dignitaries, the Guests of Honour,

V C Sajjanar, IPS, ADGP | VC & MD TGSRTC, Praveen Jaipuria, CEO, CCL Products and Pratap Aditya, COO, Ram info

(Lamp lighting by the esteemed dignitaries)

The event began with showcasing the journey of Symbiosis International (Deemed) University through the video. Post this, the dignitaries were felicitated, followed by the Director’s address to the batch of 2024-2026, where Dr. K. P. Venugopala Rao emphasized the importance of discipline, academics, and attaining expertise, thereby urging the students to make the most of this MBA life and enjoy their time. He also went on to mention the impressive diversity that is there in the upcoming batch. He asked students to be academically potent to sharpen their skills and become corporate-ready.

(Dr. K. P. Venugopala Rao addressing the gathering)

The guests shared their experiences on different challenges faced by everyone in their long professional careers. Every student should be open to learning to explore new challenges which will help students to learn and become the best version of themselves.

The inaugural session ended with a vote of thanks delivered by Dr. Shyamsunder Chitta, Deputy Director of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management. He reiterated the importance of Discipline and persistent hard work in MBA.

Toward the end, a group photograph was taken in the Lecture Theatre with the batch 2023-2025.

Ice-Breaking Session

The Ice - Breaking Session was conducted by Dr. Nidhi Bandaru, Founder of Dishi Consultants, and Ms. KaveetaAbbichandani, trainer and coach. The commencement of this particular session aimed to welcome the new batch and provide a space to the new joiners for free communication.

(Ice-breaing sessionks)

Students enjoyed this particular session a lot as there were a few games planned for them to make them comfortable and so that they could interact with their peers a bit more. The students were allowed to talk to each other.

The ice-breaking session was followed by the address by Mr. M Srinivas, Incharge- Student Welfare, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad.

He further reiterated the importance of having discipline and persistent hard work. He also shared how important it is for someone to be a part of a club and committees. He went on to share how clubs and committees help the students in holistic development.

After the inaugural session, the student activities took place at the Convention Hall.

Day 2: 11th June 2024

The second day of the induction program for the batch 2024-2026 was an insightful event. The event started with the address of Dr. Shyamsunder Chitta, Deputy Director, SIBM Hyderabad; he spoke about the institute's functionalities and the process, procedures, and protocols regarding examinations.

(Dr. Shyamsunder Chitta addressing the audience)

The students were also addressed by Dr. Sripathi Kalvakolanu, Assistant Professor- Human Resources and Faculty Incharge- Academics, where he spoke about the academic nuances and criteria the students need to follow to maintain a smooth academic flow.

They were then addressed by Dr. V.K. Satya Prasad, Associate Professor- Marketing and Faculty Incharge- Learning Resource Centre (LRC); who enlightened the students about the importance of continuous learning and introduced them to the LRC and the people associated with it.

Later on, the panel discussion started on the topic of Entrepreneurial Flavours of Hyderabad. The guests were Gautam Gupta-MD & CEO, Paradise Food Court Pvt. Ltd.; Shashank Anumula-MD, Cafe Niloufer; and Imran Khan, Subhan Bakery.

(Panel Discussion)

Guests talked about the importance of making decisions in life and how it impacts our future. As decision-making is also a key area for making strategy it is important to understand the importance of making decisions in your career and how you approach it.

After a short tea break Dr. Jayathi Chourey, Executive Director, SaciWATERs interacted with students to make them understand the importance of sustainability.

The students then moved on to taking their Value-Added Courses, on MS Excel and usage of the Library Portal of the LRC.

Day 3: 12th June 2024

The event started with Dr.Shyamsunder Chitta felicitating our guest Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer Achanta, founder of Tharuni NGO

Dr. Mamta Achanta gave insights on child marriage of girls and how she has fought against child marriage and gave insights on how students can join hands in a fight against child marriage of girls.

Our next guest Ms. Habiba Barbhuiya was felicitated by Dr. Shyamsunder Chitta.

Ms. Habiba Barbhuiya gave insights on Goonj, how and why Goonj started and how can students join Goonj in social development and empowerment

(Ms. Habiba Barbhuiya was felicitated by Dr. Shyamsunder Chitta)

Lastly, Mr. Madhav Das, Sr. Director of Human Resources, Zeta Global was felicitated by

Mr. M Srinivas.

Mr. Madhav Das gave insights on India's growth story and to Market Strategy of Zeta Global.

(Session on GTM Strategy)

The students then moved on to taking their Value-Added Courses, on MS Excel, and later on Dr. Satyaprasad V K took the case study workshop for students.

Day 4: 13th June 2024

The batch was then addressed by Col T. Venugopal, Senior Campus Administrator, Symbiosis Hyderabad Campus, who introduced them to all the facilities and amenities available to them in the campus along with the campus rules, regulations, and protocols. This helped the students get familiarised with the campus environment which is going to help figure their way out through the campus. The students also got to know the people to reach out to in case a problem arose as he also introduced his team to them.

Then we had a session on Gender Sensitisation by Ms. Priya Gazdar, FICCIFLO.

(Session on Gender Sensitisation)

The batch was addressed by Mr. Nicolas Daniel Ross, Head of Corporate Relations & MDP, and the Career Assistance Team who briefed the batch about their work and provided the updated placement reports and figures. Members of the 3 CR cells also gave brief presentations, introducing the cells and the members, their mission, vision, and what they do

(Mr. Nicolas Daniel Ross addressing students)

Then new students went on to take their Value-Added Courses, on MS Excel along with -Overview of Data Analysis and Research.

Day 5: 14th June 2024

Day 5 started with corporate interaction with Mr Ramakanth, Chairman and Managing Director, RBC Worldwide. With over two and a half decades of unparalleled experience in branding, advertising, and integrated communication campaigns, Mr. Ramakanth Thumrugoti is a luminary in the industry. He currently heads RBC Worldwide as Chairman and Managing Director, steering the company towards unprecedented growth and success. He shared his corporate journey, addressed students' questions, and gave them the valuable lessons they need and how to approach their careers going forward.

(Mr Ramakanth addressing students)

Panel discussion on entrepreneurship organized by Ecell. The guests were: Mr. Mogili Vijender-BVCSRB, Ms. Lasya N (T-Works), and Mr. Joginder T (T-Works).

(Panel Discussion)

We finished up the proceedings with a session on waste resource management by Mr. Arun K who interacted with students to make them understand the values associated with waste resource management.

Later on, students attended sessions on the Overview of Statistical Tools and Techniques followed by Quantitative Aptitude session.

Day 6: 15th June 2024

The new batch of 2024-26 was addressed by Mr Ravi Marem, Deputy Regional Head, Union Bank of India, and talked about the procedure for applying for student loans at Union Bank of India.

(Mr. Ravi Marem talking about the procedure for applying for student loans)

Next, we had a session on Internationalization by Ms. Mirrin about career prospects abroad, particularly in France for students, how to apply for a visa, how and where to study and career opportunities there, and tips on improving your resume for the same.

(Ms. Mirrin about career prospects abroad)

Next Session by SCEW on emotional well-being and how students can manage and cope with stress, how to get in touch with them for help with mental and emotional well-being, tips to look after your well-being, etc.

Later on, Dr. Venkatesh from SCHC talked about healthcare facilities available on campus in SCHC.

Lastly a brief session by DSRW, Hyderabad Campus, and how students can participate in the facilities offered by DSRW, such as gym and yoga, etc.


InkSleuths – The Literary Committee was in-charge of anchoring, Pratibimb -The Photography Club was responsible for covering the whole event, Hashtag - The PR and Web Committee was responsible for updating the social media and website of the college and Melange - The Organizing Committee was responsible for the technical and backstage support throughout the Induction Week from 12th to 17th June 2023, whereas Dauntless – The Sports and Wellness Committee was responsible for organizing Yoga from 13th to 17th June 2023. The corporates and alumni were invited by CIC and Alumni Coordination teams.